In the middle of a close final and with scores from both teams, La Natividad showed its power and confirmed its superiority in the Palermo Open. The green team dominated from the beginning the game on the court. During a large part of the match they maintained a difference against their rival, even being 10-5 in the fifth chukker, and 13-9 with one period to go. However, La Dolfina is La Dolfina, and Cambiaso is still the best in the world at 46 years of age. 

The last minutes of the final went from entertaining to nerve-racking. The shouting in La Catedral flooded the court. Goal one, goal the other. Until Jeta Castagnola, the youngest on the pitch at 18 and with a cracking projection, sealed the win with just over a minute and a half to go. His brother, Barto Castagnola, would also be the star of the match in defence and attack: he scored no less than 6 goals.

Today there is a double celebration, Jeta Castagnola celebrates his birthday with the cup at home. In addition to that, his other team mates are also celebrating their first Palermo Open crown. Polito Pieres, at the age of 35 years, won the elusive trophy after several attempts to get it. Nachi du Plessis reaches an important point in his career and confirms why he is a great player. Barto, on the other hand, was the best player of the championship and consolidates his great contribution to La Natividad.

From Krono Polo we congratulate the whole team of La Natividad, its excellent players, but also all those who participate behind the curtain and, undoubtedly, Lolo and Camila Castagnola who have been working constantly for at least three years, when La Natividad was born and today is consolidated as one of the best polo teams in the world. Today, La Natividad is a 40-goal handicap team and Krono is honoured to have recently launched a joint partnership. 

The 2022 season will be full of new surprises, as it is inevitable that a new polo exponent has entered the podium and will continue to fight for the space already earned among the best in the sport. It only remains for the other teams to adjust their gears to be able to continue to fight in the most important polo tournaments, as their place has been threatened after several seasons playing in a more confident manner.

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