Preparation will always be the key to success. In polo this is no exception, if you are an amateur player you can stand out from your peers, improve your technique and performance to become a professional, or if you are already a high handicap player, then you know in advance the importance of having the right accessories and equipment to enable you to achieve your goals.

At Krono Polo, we have set ourselves the goal of providing high quality polo equipment, accessible to everyone and with international coverage in mind, which allows us to provide top of the line items to players and polo enthusiasts around the world.


They are not only necessary but also mandatory, such as polo helmets. Let’s not forget that polo helmets must be, at least in the UK, certified with the PAS 015:2011 standard; this certification guarantees that this helmet has the minimum necessary to safeguard the life of the player, because the technology of the polo helmet has already been previously subjected to a series of tests that test its resistance.

Although polo helmets should be sized to protect the player's integrity, this does not mean that they should be bulky or unsightly. At Krono Polo we have not only PAS 015:2011 certification, but also a wide range of designs and colours that give a unique and modern look, as well as the option of personalisation, which aims to represent the interests and personality of the polo player.

On the other hand, the elbow guards cover and protect us from blows, in an area that is exposed such as the elbows, and also allow us to ride with strength on the horse, which gives us security against unexpected movements. At Krono we have taken quality as a fundamental pillar of our polo accessories and implements, which is why our elbow pads are made of Kevlar and neoprene, which come in different styles for men and women.

Another indispensable item are the knee pads, as we all know, one of the areas that have the highest level of involvement when playing polo are the legs. An injury to this part of the body could mean weeks or even months away from the polo fields. Knee pads like boots should be made of thick, quality leather, Krono knee pads are made of buffalo leather which has elastic and resistant properties, increasing the level of protection on a much higher scale.

Polo boots , far from being an element of luxury and good taste, are essential to protect the ankles. It is important that polo boots are designed with a zip to make it easier to put them on and take them off. Currently, at Krono Polo we have different references and different types of polo boots, manufactured in different types of leather, among which buffalo leather and the distinguished Cordovan leather stand out; leather of invaluable quality and of Argentinean origin, recognised worldwide.

As for the polo gloves, these accessories are essential as they allow us to have a better grip on the mallet and the reins of the horse; it is vital to have polo gloves that allow us to keep the real feel of the hand. Krono polo gloves have been used by great polo players, who nowadays recommend them because of their comfortable design that prevents perspiration and increases the resistance of the hand.

We can conclude that, if you want to become a polo prodigy, or if you are already an excellent player and are looking for a partner brand that maximises your potential, the answer is to make Krono your must-have brand.

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Written by: Santiago B. Posada

Translated by: Mayra Alejandra V. Ramos