Sometimes purchasing garments such as hooded or hoodless sweatshirts or jackets that promise to be waterproof can be quite an odyssey, as we are often disappointed after finding that, in rainy or wintry situations, we end up soaked. In a season like spring, it becomes essential to have a waterproof jacket, because in a sudden drizzle we need to be prepared.

Krono Polo has a new Waterproof hoodie that is made to be comfortable, to protect you from the rain but most of all to give you a youthful and sophisticated style. This Waterproof hoodie joins Krono's line of innovative and state of the art garments, which are high quality items.

At Krono we want our Waterproof Hoodie to be perfect for wearing with jeans and going for a walk, with your polo shorts or with your swimming costume at the gym, the result will always be the same: comfort and style. This waterproof Hoodie, which was launched in 2021, has quickly become one of our customers' favourites, thanks to its comfort, design and perfect water-repellent technology.

How do you know if a product is waterproof?

In general, there is no unified standard in the industry that determines when an article is waterproof or not. What does exist are certain indicators that test the quality of the garment and ultimately whether or not it is waterproof.

One of the tests to which clothing is subjected is ISO 811 1981 (Textile fabrics -- Determination of resistance to water penetration -- Hydrostatic pressure test). It determines how the test should be carried out in the laboratory to identify whether there is a sufficient degree of water resistance.

Technology: the word that sums it all up 

To achieve a waterproof garment it is not enough to choose a material and manufacture it, create a design and bring it to the market. For a Hoodie or jacket to be waterproof, it is first necessary to study its behaviour in certain circumstances, rethink them, add, remove or mix materials and when the desired result is finally achieved, proceed to create the garment.

A waterproof hoodie is achieved with innovative fabrics in the textile market and the perfect combination of these, for example the Krono Polo Waterproof hoodie is woven with a polyamide base, which is a polymer that is obtained naturally, as it is present in wool and silk, it has great stretching capacity, in addition to retaining heat and absorbing humidity; polyester is also used, one of the most commonly used materials, but if you get a high quality one, it provides great resistance and withstands a lot of wear and tear; polyurethane is highly flexible and comfortable and, finally, lycra makes it breathable and perfect for accompanying you when you do sport.

The combination of these fabrics makes our Krono hoodie not only waterproof, but also durable, breathable and versatile. You can wear it for polo or golf, but also for a day at home or on the go.

As of now, our Krono Polo Waterproof Hoodie is available at www.kronopolo.com