When we wear good quality sportswear, the main purpose of this article and its design, whether it be called polo gloves or polo helmet, is to work for us while playing sports. Although mental motivation and aesthetic appearance are a complement that help to have a better performance, they are specialized garments and with a good component of technology, which in this case Krono Polo offers us in its different garments, which makes a difference. when you start training. Wearing specialized polo clothing really makes a big difference and makes us feel safe and comfortable.

Seek comfort

Loose fit sportswear can snag onto the horse's saddle or harness, while tight-fitting clothing can restrict freedom of movement. This is why Krono Polo offers different tailored garments, such as uniforms, polo helmets and polo boots. In addition, to avoid wear due to poorly adjustable garments, you should choose materials that do not irritate the skin and guarantee an adequate range of movement, such as the Krono polo pants, which come with 2% elastane to adhere to the skin. and they facilitate various maneuvering exercises, allowing you to keep your mind focused on the field of play.


It is well known that sportswear provides firmness, managing to become a support for the body, allowing exercise to be a little more comfortable and recovery to be more efficient (see Krono Polo compression shirts and socks). Krono Polo has explored garments that range from the polo uniform to other more specialized items that have various functionalities, from going to the gym, protecting from the weather or sports recovery; all with the purpose of enhancing the player's skills on the playing field. Remember that your sportswear should fit like a second skin, that way there will be nothing that gets in your way.


Humidity control

During training it is normal for our body to perspire, if the garments are made of cotton they will easily retain sweat, so we will have an uncomfortable, wet experience and will leave our body sticky all the time.

Krono Polo has decided to opt for artificial fabrics such as polyester, which has the ability to encapsulate sweat and keep our bodies dry. This technology favors the elimination of excess moisture in our skin, leaving a feeling of freshness and comfort both in the most intense training days and after a quiet practice. This also prevents the proliferation of bacteria which results in the control of bad odors.

Improves body recovery

The benefits of Krono Polo clothing are not limited to the field of play, clothing that fits properly stimulates blood flow and therefore manages to significantly reduce lactic acid build-up, helping a more post-workout recovery fast, bringing with it less muscle pain and a faster recovery to be back on the playing field playing chukkas.

Krono Polo is a brand that has managed to surprise the polo-loving public, since, although it is a new brand, it has brought with it great sporting improvements as a result of the development of innovations in both materials and products. The best thing about this is that it has been kept affordable with great international coverage, short wait times, and fast and efficient customer service.

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