Krono Polo is a brand founded by the Colombian Camila Mejía Posada, a fashion designer who currently resides in England, designed for young polo players who are more risky and youthful when choosing items to practice this sport. Camila found in Krono Polo the way to unite her passion for fashion and horses, to which she currently dedicates herself completely, after adding experience for ten years in different areas of design.

Our essence at Krono is contemporary design, preserving the spirit of traditional polo, creating functional pieces, with technological innovations, but with a sophisticated and modern design. Krono's first appearance was in 2017, when they went on the market with a line of sports watches for young polo players. Camila, found potential in the brand and decided to create an extension focused on articles and accessories, as well as clothing necessary to play polo.

Currently, Krono is used by young polo players but with promising careers, such as the Castagnola brothers, who in 2019 had a season that catapulted them to another level after being creditors of several of the most important polo openings in the world. Like the pair of brothers, Krono Polo has a promising future since, in just one year, it has developed a portfolio of products not only varied but also with a clear differentiator, and it is the sum of technological benefits that improve the experience of playing chukkas.

Krono Polo has a perfect balance between traditional and genuine pieces that differentiate polo, but with a modern and sophisticated accent, with an eclectic result that changes over time according to the innovations that can be developed day by day.

The brand not only creates items for polo, Krono Polo aims to go further by creating garments that can be worn at all times, while preserving the functionality for the polo game. Thanks to our brand ambassadors, we have been able to reaffirm our purpose and we see how the objective we have as a brand has been fulfilled, among our ambassadors the following stand out: Millie Hine, who recently won the Argentine Open Women's Polo Cup, going from 5 to 7 handicap goals, plus other players like Ed Banner Eve, Lerin Zubiarre and James Man; who have a promising career and are rising more every day.

In its early days, Krono Polo began by introducing polo gloves to the market, which became very popular for their design, which allowed them to maintain a firm grip without losing the real feeling of the hand, little by little they were introducing elements such as polo helmets, elbow pads and products that can range from custom polo shirts, to cell phone protectors or clothing for polo players and non-polo players. The technological factor has been key so that the brand has been able to highlight among the others, high quality elements with a fundamental accessibility factor, exploration of materials and designs that allow people to show off elements full of color, design and textures; of course, all with an inspiration taken from the world of polo.

Today Krono Polo is a brand that increases its international participation, with a growing presence in the main polo sporting events in the world and with current customers in different countries and clubs, who have trusted Krono to make the brand their ally. Players of all levels that highlight the quality and durability of the Krono portfolio and its effective response speed to meet the diverse needs of the buyer.

Through the website you can explore the different accessories and articles that Krono can offer and, through its social networks, you can monitor the evolution of the brand and the scope it has. Thanks to these types of platforms, Krono Polo has been able to spread the word of who they are and what the purpose of their creation is, which has been combined with thousands of people and that is why today, just one year after its start as a company, they are in the lens of great polo personalities, making it impossible for the brand to go unnoticed.