That moment when we stand in front of the wardrobe or the dressing room mirror and think what will be the look for every day or special occasion, we almost always follow the same process in our mind. To start with, we always choose the main items, whether it's a dress, a shirt, worn-out or trendy jeans and T-shirts -you know the Krono collection by La Natividad? Then come the accessories.

In this part of the outfit selection process, we usually think first about the shoes, which for women we have to choose between: flats, high heels, ballerinas or white trainers looks; for men, sometimes the decision is between formal shoes, sport or formal tennis shoes, boots or oxford ties. Next, we look at the bag, an element that also plays an essential role, but which can be chosen at the same time as the shoes.  But there is another accessory that sometimes we don't pay so much attention to and that can certainly make the difference. We are talking about the belt.

If you think that there are only one or two ways at most to wear it, you are very wrong, for men the right thing to do is to wear it with a good pair of trousers or shorts, which can go from the most formal and elegant to the most uncomplicated and unstructured style. The important thing is not to limit yourself in the use of colours and combinations, you can be as risky as you allow yourself and the occasion deserves it.

At Krono Belts we want to show you different street style ideas that can be the inspiration you need to add that perfect finishing touch to your outfit. As a recommendation we suggest you our leather and fabric belts, a mix between ancestral and sophisticated that looks good with any outfit.

In woman´s case, are you more of a dress wearer? Then you can wear it over it without any problem. Logo-mania has gained points in recent years: the double G for Gucci, the two intertwined C's for Chanel or a big D for Dior. At Krono we couldn't stay out of the trend and have created our version with the K that represents us and has been a sensation. Choose your favourite and invest in a piece of jewellery that you can treasure in your wardrobe and reuse for years to come.

We assure you, from now on your favourite Krono Polo belt, or the one you have in your wardrobe that you love, will become the protagonist of many of your looks of the year.

Logo belt a total protagonist

The logo-mania keeps getting stronger and showing off your logo is no longer a madness. The more obvious the belt, the better.

With a blazer suit

Looking for a different look for your blazer suit? Try adding a belt.

On your dresses

Just like a few years ago, belts on dresses are back in fashion.

On your one-pieces

Belts are becoming the accessory that gives a chic look to one-pieces, so they are always a perfect match. 

Monochrome outfits

Integrated in your monochromatic outfits and following the aesthetic line of the outfit. Your belts are perfectly integrated into your looks.

Traditional style will never go out of style

Giving them a conventional use is also an option. They refine the waist, support our trousers and, moreover, break with uniformity.