The Argentine Women's Polo Open started last December 7th and has started being played in the venue AAP. Next Saturday 19th of December it will start being played in the court number 2 in the Palermo, the grand final is at 12hs. The team Overo Z7UAE has been the protagonist of the event, which to the date has been assured a space in the semi-finals.

The Overo was champion in the 2019 and for that date the same formation of last year has been held, continuing with the lead, with Claro Cassino 8, Millie Iman Hine 5, Hazel Jackson Gaona 10, Lia Salvo 10. For a total of 33 goals in the handicap as a team.

Krono Polo extends its congratulations to the team and specially to Millie Hine, who is ambassador of the brand, she represents the force and determination of a women in the moment of playing polo and this is why Krono has seen in her the characteristics of a real lover of this sport; this is why, for us polo is a life-style that is not only for a while but also at all times, even if its in a polo season, sharing with family or on holidays with friends. 

During the match you can see her wearing our women's polo trousers with the logo of her team, together with other distinctive Krono Polo elements like our polo gloves and electrifying polo helmet in blue.We repeat our congratulations to our brand ambassador and we predict excellent results for the end. 

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Written by: Santiago Posada