With a modest appearance at the beginning of 2019, the Krono Polo logo was presented on social networks, like any brand that is just starting out in the digital world, it received a few likes, the amount at that time was not a reflection of what today Krono Polo would generate in engagement and sales through its social network.

Instagram has established itself as a platform that allows you to interact at any time with people from all over the world, a platform where the lifestyle of each user is projected through images and videos, and where influencers have found the way to teach us about how to live life better, whether by visiting restaurants, countries or simply using brands.

The portal born in San Francisco, which has more than 1 billion users, has understood the current environment. Images have bigger power over text, they are much easier to understand and more believable, and there is no doubt that they leave an emotional impact on our brains for a much longer period of time. This is why Instagram has been the tool for Krono Polo to extend its tentacles like an octopus and touch thousands of people through the screen.

Aware of the power of Instagram, Krono Polo has found in this website the perfect ally to promote its products. With a casual and lively communication style, as well as a clear inbound marketing strategy, where the aim is to show the usefulness of their products and how they look when wearing them, where each item manages to be the subtle protagonist of each photograph published without the need for a textual message that invites you to buy, it is the beauty of each shot that influences us to want to have everything the brand publishes.

Photographs that show the day-to-day life of the polo player or those who attend matches, that seek to portray the simple moments of this sport and highlight the unique ethereality of this lifestyle, have managed to captivate the brand's target audience, as evidenced by the 10,400 organic followers that Krono Polo's Instagram account currently has.

Since the brand found a style of communication with which it feels comfortable, it has been publishing without a break for more than a year. In this process it has not only spread its products, but it has also consolidated a brand personality and a philosophy that is evident through the different images that have been published. Like an album that portrays the best moments of a person, it is on Instagram where the best scenes where Krono Polo has been present are gathered.

It is easy to see at times the person behind the brand, its founder Camila Mejía, who is present reminding us that Krono is a brand run by people, and shows us her human side through stories that show the creative process, the production process or simply the pleasure of having a Krono Polo garment at any time of the day.

It is the closeness with which we can feel Krono that boosts sales, a brand that makes us feel part of a community (which they themselves have created) from the moment we purchase their products, all this by taking advantage of a social network like Instagram that is within everyone's reach. Krono Polo has managed to stand out quickly in the guild of brands specialising in polo due to its strategy and the innovation it has represented for the market.

An English brand that today receives orders and requests from people looking for advice, around the world through this platform, a personalised communication in both English and Spanish that has been a goal for the brand and has made interaction with buyers easier. It has been the sum of all that has been said so far what places Krono Polo as a company with a clear differentiator, to be constantly learning from what its public gives it and to be responding quickly to those needs, all through a website called Instagram that, if we are honest, has enormous power.