The land of mate and tango, the great exponent of polo, and the country where the passion for football is unique, is also the cradle of excellent quality leather. It is there where the best leathers, symbol of luxury and good taste, are obtained.

Now we ask ourselves: What is the secret that the best leather comes from this region? The answer can basically be summed up to the privileged lands that Argentina has for cattle breeding in freedom and abundance; vast lands that feed these animals and allow them to be in optimal conditions for their breeding. To this we must add the climatic factor and in general all natural aspects that give the leather the appropriate distinction.

Ideally, luxury leather should be fine-grained, this is achieved by favouring muscle fibrosis, which is caused by an unbalanced diet and a hilly terrain. A fibrous and elastic fabric, when industrialised, results in a fine-grained, supple, soft, durable, resistant material with a delicious aroma between woody and sweet. In case you don't know, a fine grain means that the leather has hardly any pores or no pores at all, which allows for a smooth, soft and delicate texture.

This is how the art of leatherwork and the treatment of leather in tanneries has excelled in the southern region, a custom that dates back thousands of years in different civilisations and that today is iconic in Argentina. Because of this, Krono Belts would not consider any other option than to use leather from this country. 

Krono Polo, had already been using Argentinian leather in their boots, now, with the new proposal of leather and fabric belts, it was commitment to use only the best Argentinian leather, where polo passion is in every club and in every city. 

The belts, dog collars and even keyrings that make up this collection have been carefully crafted by experts in the art of leatherwork. These artisans are located in Argentina and have added a great deal of value to these pieces through their know-how. The luxury of a key chain, for example, is difficult to measure, as the handmade manufacture and the materials used can hardly be compared to the small size of the keyring.

Having the different pieces of this new proposal from Krono, will allow us to complement in an ideal way what it is to live the passion for polo. It is well known that polo is not only a sport but also a lifestyle, and it is through these items that we reflect the essence of who we are and our love for a sport of great adrenaline, which has become an addiction for those who love horses and nature.

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Written by: Santiago B. Posada

Translated by: Mayra Alejandra V. Ramos