About Us


Krono Polo was born from the vision of creating a global brand for polo lovers. Our philosophy is based on being allies of those who find in chukkas and horses the reason for a happy life. 

We are driven by the tradition of a sport that has hundreds of years of history, but we wanted to have the audacity to give it a contemporary and sophisticated spirit. Our promise is to offer the very best in sports technology and engineering, recognising our products as not only beautifully designed, but also functional and memorable. 

In our brand DNA it is not enough to be the best, at Krono Polo we strive to be unique. That's why our main goal is to create more and more innovative sportswear that is safe, breathable and lightweight, but also accessories and complements that can be used outside the polo fields such as belts, shirts, hoodies and equipment. Our only limit is our imagination and that is why we have a great team that every day sets higher goals to be at the height of those who choose us as their favourite sports brand. 

This is how Krono Belts is now a reality, belts made of Argentine leather, made by artisans from that far south region, but where the love for polo is unique and there is a passion for horses, La Pampa, mate and gaucho culture. From there we have taken our inspiration,relying on craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to the beautiful craft of leather goods,permeated by the privilege of having the best quality cowhides. 

Krono belts reflect everything a polo player is: passionate, adrenaline-loving as well as nature-loving, but above all with great family values. So are our accessories, vibrant in their colours but preserving the tradition of leather and with antique buckles that combine both contrasts resulting in a unique piece.  


Fashion designer by profession, but a lover of horses and nature, Camila Mejía Posada is the reflection of everything that Krono Polo projects. Camila grew up in the middle of the countryside in her native Colombia, hence the love for horses, and then trained among haute couture catwalks in the most important cities of Europe. This is Krono, a brand that breaks with the standards of what a polo brand is, of contrasts between the traditional and the modern, but that achieves balance through different techniques that are vital to the company: design and engineering.  

Camila Mejía has wanted to expand into different segments of the items used in polo, seeking to offer efficient and practical solutions, maintaining a reasonable price without sacrificing good quality, thus redefining the polo industry. 

At Krono we like to question ourselves, because innovation is born from the art of being non-conformist and that is why every day we want to improve more and more. This is how we hope to gain respect in the world, by engaging with the polo community, our public and the sport in general; where performance speaks for itself and our demanding qualities are matched by demanding athletes.