In and outside the field, everybody seems to wear the same eye-catching polo belts. Their striking design gets the attention from people of all ages and gender, as all of them wear it at different times. A leather properly worked, with an exquisite smell and carefully embroidered by artisan hands in colours as various as they are special, give the final touch to this accessory that every day seduces more European polo clubs.

This is how polo belts became the must-have item that should be present at every polo event. There you will see how they are casually sold, no matter which tournament or equestrian event is going on. Although this accessory is usually known as an Argentinian polo belt or just polo belt, it has a more in-depth and interesting origin. 


As you may have guessed, the origin of polo belts is in Argentina. At the beginning, polo belts were sewn with the colours of the team, so the players could be identified during the game and, somehow, represent the spirit of their team.

Today, polo belts have become the must-have accessory of the summer, adorning the hips of British society - women and men alike - in a special way, showing an easily recognisable style of their own. That's right, Argentine polo belts have become that element that easily distinguishes a polo lover in the crowd, whether fan, amateur player or high handicapper, it's a fantastic way for both players and spectators to show their love for the sport, and in response to this every day different brands bring the South American essence to the European market, enthusiastically expanding the gaucho culture, polo and Argentine leather goods, which by the way are of excellent quality.


Taking as a referent point the polo belts, their esthetic and manufacturing and design process, today you can find accessories and goods from the same source of inspiration. From bridles, saddles, key rings and even dog collars, hand-made in Argentina with luxury leather and beautiful seams, product of the great south American passion for horses and polo, it has been created a whole community who values every stitch of colour, providing polo lovers with items that are both for personal use and also for the use of their horses and dogs; which we know are also part of the family and have great value within the polo culture.

The possibilities of use of Argentinian polo belts are really unlimited and look great during any season of the year: from an informal and casual look as jeans and shorts, to more formal linen suits, chino trousers and blazers or summer dresses. This belt has become the accessory that breaks monotony and gives a touch of colour to every outfit: let it shine on its own!  

After knowing a little bit more about trendy polo belts, you might be wondering where to find yours. You don´t know it yet? Krono Polo is an English brand which brings the best of art and leather goods from Argentina to England.

Here you can see some references of the new collection of Krono Belts. Our brand has available handmade belts in stunning colours:

Krono Polo belts keep their traditional essence, and are designed for people who find in sobriety a way to feel at ease. This Argentinian polo belts belong to the brand's recent collection, they are manufactured in fine grain and superior quality Argentinian leather, which provide a greater experience for the user. They have been created by expert craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to leather goods, taking care of every detail in the creation process.

Each belt takes time to make, hence we decided to focus our efforts on taking care of every detail of the belt instead of producing large quantities, seeking to offer art pieces that complement your outfit. However, we have the goal of having different designs that reflect the spirit of the user, make them feel comfortable and, at the same time, can be used in as many places as possible, so they can take their passion for polo wherever they go.

The classic “rhombuses” embroidered in this belt remind us of the landscapes and traditions of South American culture; its buckle has a wear and tear that give it a vintage and classy touch. Krono Polo belts are 1.5 inches wide and are available in 28 sizes.
Argentinian polo belts are often worn by polo lovers, His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge, and his brother Prince Harry.  Next time you see a photo of either of them in casual wear, take a look at the belts they're wearing!

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