When it comes to finding the best polo products, every polo player needs a little guidance. Don't worry, we've got you covered! For our new collection of polo accessories, we have examined items that are not only for the moment of being in the action of playing polo, but we have also analysed the clothing and other items that are linked to the world of polo. This is how we have developed polo belts, a timeless accessory to wear at all times.


Belts may be the most ubiquitous style accessory in men's and women's wardrobes. It's rare to own just one, or even two. You need a variety of styles to match specific occasions: Formal, casual, work and, of course, polo. But, believe it or not, belts have been a fashion staple for about 100 years. Before the Roaring Twenties, trousers didn't even have belt loops. Today, it's hard to find a pair of trousers without them, unless you're wearing joggers, which in some polo fields are not considered appropriate clothing.

Regardless of your style preferences when it comes to trousers, belts are still an important element in the polo field wardrobe. Besides adding a bit of style to an ordinary outfit or to your polo whites, they are also functional, as they help to keep polo trousers in place. On top of that, polo belts allow you to stand out in a particular way, whether your style is vibrant or understated, making this accessory a piece that is able to speak for you and your personality traits.

Woven belts have become especially popular in recent years, and the countless colour combinations make it easy to find one that complements any outfit. For those who like the traditional look, polo belts are perfect in their various woven patterns, which represent the South American tradition that is shared by the passion for polo in that region. 

For leather lovers, there are also belts made entirely of this natural material of exceptional quality. Whatever type of belt you choose, it's important to remember that truly modern belts should stand out on their own, while solid coloured versions should let your outfit shine. 

Here are our picks for the best polo belts.

Polo Belt "park place" (75€)

This vibrant belt evokes the Peruvian deserts mixed with the Argentinean mountains and plains. A belt that carries the South American accent marked in every stitch and detail of its design. A belt that transports us to a summer sunset where the sun is lost in the horizon.

Polo Belt "brown gaucho" (75€)

This belt is designed for both men and women, ideal for daring people who want to give a touch of colour, sobriety and elegance to their outfit. 

Polo Belt "la indiana" (75€)

An accessory made up of different hand-woven patterns, a belt in discreet colours such as navy and light blue that will uniquely complement multiple garments such as jeans, polo trousers or dresses. The antique brass-coloured buckle perfectly accompanies the deep blue leather, its "Aztec diamonds" in different patterns revive the magic of the Andes Mountains lost in the night sky.