Leather will always be a trendy material. All the articles that can be created with leather get an extra touch when they are made in skin. However, among all the kinds of leather, there is one that, due to its design, texture and finishes, always captivates, and is the buffalo leather. Being one of the preferred raw materials for its resistance and elasticity, which is very attractive for this type of creations, it becomes one of the season's favourites.

No doubt about it, we can say that leather is a wardrobe classic and looks amazing in all seasons, whether summer or winter. Besides, this material assures a resistant and durable garment becoming one of the user's favourites.


Why is buffalo leather one of the favourites?

There are different reasons why buffalo skin has become one of the favourites for leather goods designers and craftsmen, which has increased the supply and variety of this product compared to cow fur. This is because buffalo leather guarantees a superior quality for garments, footwear and accessories. It does not mean that cow skin is low-quality, all products made with skin have special qualities, however it is true to say that buffalo leather has some unique features.

Some of the most outstanding features of buffalo leather are:



For sure, some of the most known features of buffalo leather are its endurance and resistance. This skin, different from the others, does not give in easily to the ravages of time and humidity, so it lasts much better and longer. A huge benefit for those who value more durable garments.

It means that if you buy clothes, accessories or, for example, buffalo leather Krono Polo boots, it will be guaranteed that they will last for a long time, without tearing or deterioration.

Easy to handle:

Buffalo leather has the extra benefit of being malleable and perfectly adaptable to any weather condition. Keep in mind: it is important that you still take care of it from water.



As we said, thanks to the natural endurance of the buffalo skin, this kind of leather is characterised by its thick layers, even thicker than those of cowhide; it is for this reason, that garments made with this material are more resistant to the passage of time.

Another important thing to say is buffalo leather became a timeless classic, so it will never go out of fashion, on contrary, it is ideal for any season or occasion.

Different uses of Buffalo Leather

Leather is a material that has been used over centuries. Today, designers recognise it as one of the main raw materials for creating garments, footwear, bags, belts and accessories.

The range of goods that can be made with buffalo leather is wide, among the principals are jackets, dresses and trousers – always with a sophisticated and avant-garde touch-, footwear, purses and bags, besides accessories as belts and keyrings.

Within the footwear, it is impossible not to mention the polo boots. Buffalo leather shoes are top-quality; besides, its designs are unique, the protection is amazing and the appearance is stunning.

Buffalo and Cordovan leather boots are the stars of the market, due to the benefits they provide to players in terms of comfort, design and appearance but, above all, status. Krono Polo has designs in both kinds of premium leathers.

Care of buffalo leather

Buffalo leather, like all leather, must be cared for as it is literally a material from a living animal which, like leather, must be treated. Here are some tips for its care and preservation:

Avoid humidity:

Buffalo skin is resistant and strong, as it has resistant fibers that allow the garment to adapt to any weather. However, we do not recommend to store it in wet places, as this can lead to dryness, stains, mold or cracking

Clean with dry cloth

It is important to remove dust and dirt from the leather to avoid obstruction of pores. Try to regularly clean your garments, including your polo boots, as they tend to get dirty by sweat and mud. In case of extreme dirt, you can wet the cloth a little bit by removing the excess water.


Leather needs essential oils that will allow the hide to stay moisturised, try to find special oils or fats for buffalo leather that will allow it to retain its appearance for many years, preventing it from cracking, malforming or tearing.

Krono Polo enhances the quality of this material and looks to keep, along all the production chain, respect for the care and treatment this leather requires. Discover the Buffalo Leather Krono Polo Boots.

These boots provide supreme comfort because of its perfect fit and incredible protection due to its resistance. 

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