Even in the midst of a turbulent year, Krono Polo found a way to grow and develop, ignoring the time to over think about what to do in the midst of the crisis and, instead, acting to continue within the struggle to make itself known in the world of polo.

This would not have been possible if it had not been for the founder of the team, Camila Mejía Posada. Her unbreakable fighting spirit has been the driving force to keep afloat a company that, even as small as a baby, has taken giant steps in a short time, making rock a market that was already thought to be defined by the path of the brands that form it. However, Camila has managed to demonstrate that a good business idea, passion and tireless work can bring sweet results in a short time.

Camila today is putting to the test the experience she has gained over ten years after arriving in England from Colombia. After studying fashion design, she ended up working in fashion workshops that were as desirable as they were demanding; perhaps it was there that she learned that working in the design world requires effort and dedication since; if you want to succeed, resting is not an option.

At 33 years of age Camila Mejía has founded a brand with a global vision, to be satisfied with reaching halfway is unthinkable in a woman who has been surrounded by great personalities, from them she has found the motivation to make a name for herself in a world where it is easy to go unnoticed. Camila has made Krono Polo her own reflection, a young and fresh brand, which has preserved the traditions of polo, but which arrives with new elements in order to give its buyers the hope of finding in Krono a brand that represents them.

This is Camila, a woman who carries with her the Latin heritage combined with what she has managed to learn in the old continent. It has been her energy which has infected the entire Krono Polo team and has managed to manage, like the gears of a clock, a whole creative, engineering and production team in the achievement of high goals, some of which are dreams that seem distant, but based on the fact that this will always be the first step in creating. Let your imagination fly.

For 2021, Krono hopes to double what it achieved in the previous year and that is already setting the bar high. Krono Polo products are currently available in special shops strategically located around the world. However, it is expected to surpass the international presence that has been achieved (which is not minimal) in the midst of a year of economic crisis. Camila Mejia has managed to make this possible because, while some companies were cleaning their wounds in the middle of a difficult year, Camila has chosen to redouble its efforts and take the opportunity to tell the sporting world that she is here to stay.

Writter by: Santiago B. Posada

Translated by: Mayra Alejandra V. Ramos