Probably there’s no other garment more exposed to wear and tear than your polo trousers. This is why taking good care of them is a must, and the way you wash them could accelerate the damage or even ruin them completely in a single wash.

Polo trousers, or polo whites as they are also known, are made of jean fabric but they also contain elastane, a synthetic material that allows the trousers to adjust to your leg and stretch or contract according to the movement. This is beneficial for the polo player, as it allows a wider range of mobility, given the fact that the players should manoeuvre over the horse at all times while chasing the polo ball.

The composition of the polo whites is special and also requires special care. This is why we’ve put together 5 tips to help take care of your polo trousers:

  1. Wash separately and inside out, do not twist them, as this could affect the composition of your polo trousers and the elastane.

  2. Wash in cold water, in a delicate cycle or hand wash. Hot water shrinks the garment and could break down the thread.

  3. Do not mix them with regular jeans or other kinds of clothing. The indigo may stain your polo whites.

  4. Use mild detergent and don't use bleach or softener. This tremendously wears down the elastane and the other different materials.

  5. Avoid the use of dryer, this could damage the fabric threads causing them break at some point. Dry them in the shade and they will last longer for sure.

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