Cashmere wool has been marketed since the 3rd century in Asia and is still used today as a natural fibre by excellence. Cashmere is the fabric of choice to overcome the coldest days in winter, it is a fabric that never goes out of fashion, on the contrary, the demand for this product is increasing all the time, making cashmere wool a valued and scarce fabric.

The vast grasslands of Indo-Pakistan, close to the Himalayan region, where cashmere goats live and graze, is one of the most sought-after and protected areas in the world. From the outset, you can imagine the inclement cold to which these animals are exposed, so cashmere is a great protective blanket when temperatures drop. 

Cashmere has always been a symbol of luxury, social status and trend since it first arrived in Paris in the 17th century. Cashmere is one of the few fabrics that still triumphs and remains relevant every winter on the catwalks and in street style, with items and accessories that are reinvented every season, but that last for decades. The classic cashmere jumper designed in neutral colours is a must-have for anyone who wants to look unique on winter days.

Despite its high market price, every centimetre of cashmere is worth the investment, as covering yourself in the lightweight, silky, soft and dense fabric makes it easier to withstand the season's extreme cold, without the need for huge, bulky coats that are often cumbersome. In the past, it was very difficult to acquire a quality cashmere garment, but today it is possible to buy it on the internet, thanks to collections such as those designed by Krono Polo, which are made of pure cashmere and manufactured in Italy, the cradle of fashion and good taste.

The Krono Polo cashmere collection is composed of different items ranging from jumpers to soft trousers, designed for men and women in neutral and basic colours to be used at any time and occasion. The best part is the affordable price, without compromising the quality of the wool and the level of guarantee.

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