Compression clothing has been used for some time in different parts of the body; Compression socksfor example, were one of the first items created to restore and improve sports performance. The same principle used in stockings has migrated to other garments such as long-sleeved compression shirts, which cover the upper body and are the most popular among sportsmen for this area. 

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Information of all kinds is available on the internet about compression shirts, much of which is a myth and has led to confusion among people wearing these items. However, the reality is that nowadays compression shirts are used not only by sport professionals but also by amateurs and fitness lovers. Krono Polo wanted to bring this article to the world of polo recognizing its benefits and today decides to speak out about the aspects in which it benefits us.

How does a compression shirt work?

The aim of wearing a compression shirt is to maintain the continuous flow of oxygen on this area of the body to prevent it from overheating. The pressure that the shirt exerts on our muscles notably improves the blood flow and as a result we obtain muscle tissue with a greater amount of oxygen, which allows us to supply the demand for muscular resistance and to alleviate the body stress generated by physical activity. In this way we manage to increase our performance and obtain better results.

Another advantage of wearing compression shirts is that as it is an additional layer that we wear on our body, it protects us efficiently in the winter or on cold days. This item is ideal and more than necessary for the Snow Polo or Arena Polo season, since, as it is practiced in the cold weather seasons, it helps us feel comfortable and resist the game in a pleasant way. It also works for days when we want to go for a run or do outdoor training.

The Krono Polo compression shirts are designed in a fabric that allows it to quickly absorb moisture so if you wear them in summer the sweat generated will be effectively absorbed and the temperature will be pleasant, thus improving the experience of playing polo.

Recovery and physical performance

Compression allows us to maintain a proper posture, the back muscles, shoulders and arms remain aligned so fatigue is reduced and recovery is accelerated. These key points of the upper part are sometimes overloaded when performing an exercise. Compression shirts distribute the force by working the area evenly, avoiding excessive inflammation and muscle pain. Long sleeve compression shirts have the same effect on the extremities, although there are divided positions in this belief ensuring that there is no benefit. However, Krono clothing tries to maintain the pressure evenly in all the stripes in order to maximise the results.

A fast recovery allows us to maintain an intensive practice rhythm without major health contraindications or performance impairments. This means you can achieve your goals in less time and see substantially faster progress. Now, we're not saying that compression shirts or whatever type of item you use are doing miracles and all the work for you, you still need to work hard and train hard to get results, the shirts just give you a hand in the moment in which you've worked hard and help you feel better.

We make the difference

Krono Polo T-shirts are made of a highly resistant fabric, which makes it a durable clothing that retains its original properties for a long time. It is important to note that the seams are carefully made to avoid discomfort when rubbing against the skin and we avoid the label for comfort. In addition, Krono seeks to make a difference by allowing you to customize this product with your polo team's logo, and giving you that authentic and unique touch to an item designed for you or your team.

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Written by: Santiago B. Posada

Translated by: Mayra Alejandra V. Ramos