Krono Polo is a brand that specialises in polo articles. Krono has the knowledge and necessary experience to manufacture the best sports implements, precisely in the field of polo. One of the brand's greatest differentiators is the customised polo shirts, as they aim to provide you with the best in technology while retaining an original and cool style, but with the freedom to create your own polo uniform, which makes you a designer, and so it is you who can choose not only the colours but also the complete design of the garment, all while being advised by a team with excellent qualities and knowledge in the world of fashion and polo, who are ready to help you make the best choice.

The best thing about designing your own polo uniform is that you can be sure that there will be no other like it. Krono's philosophy aim is to make its customers feel unique, providing them with security through the brand's products and finding factors that allow you to differentiate yourself from other teams in the best possible way, so you will not find a shirt like it on the market and you are sure of an item that is 100% designed for you. Krono Polo has a virtual tool through its website that allows you to experiment with different colours and designs, Krono offers some polo shirts with which you can be inspired, but if you already have your own idea from scratch, Krono gives it life and adds the details you want.

Krono Polo differentiator

Krono is a young brand, however, it has a long history since it came on the market, since then it has been fortunate to have worked alongside great people, clubs and tournaments designing and creating the image of the different polo teams, with world-class polo players who have come to Krono for advice and have found answers not only in terms of design and colour but also in terms of technological improvements, increased performance with the garments and improved sporting results.

A customised polo shirt is not only needed to look good, they also to be thought to be designed for a sport that is played in high temperatures in the summer. Made from alternative fabrics such as bamboo materials, the shirts are made from fabrics that allow them to dry quickly and are breathable, taking the experience of playing or practising to another level, so that you can feel comfortable even in the extreme heat of summer.

Recently Krono Polo sponsored the team of La Irenita Polo in Argentina, who dressed from head to toe with articles that were manufactured by the brand and who have found in Krono a perfect ally, who had a great performance in the Triple Crown, so it shows the degree of confidence and high credibility that Krono has to offer.

Written by: Santiago B. Posada

Translated by: Mayra Alejandra V. Ramos