Krono Polo has managed to establish itself as a company, which despite being young, has distinguished itself not only for our exceptional quality, but also for our meticulous attention to detail.

Polo is in our DNA, it is a fundamental part of our essence, it flows and inspires us to create beautiful garments that reflect everything that has to do with the polo lifestyle. We use the heritage and traditions of polo but combine it with a modern/urban style.

That's how our different product collections are put together, and that's the stamp we like to put on our polo team shirts. Shirts that are at the cutting edge of technology, with electrifying designs, but that preserve the tradition of each polo team and at the same time convey the richness of each polo team's culture and history. No wonder we value our heritage and our clothing is a reflection of it. Our clothing is a true extension, and a personal statement, of what Krono Polo is and who our founder, Camila Mejia Posada, is.

Camila is a fashion designer, where much of her career has been spent working for luxury brands and workshops in Europe. That experience today nurtures the polo industry by creating polo team shirts that are more than just uniforms and become the visual and tangible representation of what a polo team is.

Every polo team shirt made at Krono, no matter what team or country it is made for, has one thing in common and that is the attention to detail. Even the finish of our products is the result of a conscious decision to embrace and take pride in our identity, and we encourage you to do the same for those who come to us looking for a customised team shirt that represents their identity but preserves the tradition of polo. 

As important as the design, the level of authenticity and the final finish of our polo team shirts, the quality of the fabrics and materials used in the creation of the different garments is just as important.


The end result is a sporty and casual polo team shirt, with a youthful and passionate feel, that fits perfectly and is timeless in every sense of the word. However, the level of detail in our polo team shirts is not unique to this garment - you'll find it in all of our garments.

Visit www.kronopolo.com and dare to experiment with our customisation simulator.