A polo belt is a piece of leather goods, an accessory made of leather that represents South American culture and traditions. That's right, a polo belt is a piece of clothing, but more than that, it is a symbol that reflects a country and at the same time a continent.

As leatherwork we understand the art of creating using cowhide leather, the polo belt as an article of leatherwork is nothing more than art made into a beltMany hours of time must be spent by an artisan in the manufacturing process of this accessory, not only because of the weaving of the beautiful patterns that represent and honour the gaucho culture of Argentina, but also because of the process of obtaining the leather, the selection of the best skins and the ancestral tanning process of this material, which today is appreciated all over the world and especially when talking about Argentinean leather.

The polo belt was created from the union of the love for polo fields, horses and nature. It is the mixture of the Inca culture, their textiles and their influence in the whole region and countries of the American continent. The Incas were an important civilization that dominated the lands of South America until before colonization, they are known for their geometric weavings and the creation of highly ordered patterns, hence the source of inspiration for the famous "diamond" pattern that would later become the reflection of the Andes Mountains, which is the best known emblem of polo belts.

Krono Belts has sought to maintain respect for the history of this accessory and has complemented it with modern processes, while maintaining the tradition. Krono polo belts are handmade by Argentinian artisans, who use the leather of their country as a sign of the great quality of this material. Each pattern is woven one by one in an average of three to four hours per person, which turns this belt into a piece that works not only to adjust and keep in place the trousers but also as an exclusive piece that accompanies us in every outfit and at every moment.

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