If you're a polo lover, you'll already know how powerful La Natividad is, an Argentinian team that has climbed to the top of the podiums worldwide, with incredible players who have had an amazing career. That's what the items in the collaboration between Krono Polo and La Natividad represent; shirts, hoodies, gloves and caps (among other items) are the variety of pieces in this capsule that aims to make an impact on the polo scene.

Camila Mejía, founder of Krono, has sought to create timeless yet youthful pieces that evoke the passion for chukkas and also for the La Natividad team, drawing on the power of the team's logo and Krono's branding. On the other hand, we have Camila Cambiaso, a woman who has been behind the scenes in the La Natividad team,  mother of 'Barto' and 'Jeta' Castagnola has managed to hold together and direct the compass of the polo team. The boys on the field, together with Polito Pieres and Ignatius Du Plessis, have been able to demonstrate their good game and command of the ball, but Camila Cambiasso, wife of Lolo Castagnola, is the brain that has managed to boost the team to amazing levels. Among other things, Camila has been at the forefront of this creative process together with Krono Polo throughout the collaboration.

The friendship of both women - the Camilas - has paid off, so this collection that Krono Polo has presented is not only to be used by the players of La Natividad but also by all the fans of this sport, who share the love for horses, the green grass and the Argentinean bbq afternoons with friends.

In this giveaway there will be a total of 7 winners. First place will win a hoodie, second place a t-shirt and the remaining 5 winners will each win a cap.

To participate you must follow the following steps:

1.    Follow the accounts @lanatividadpolo @lanatividadpoloshop @kronopolo.

2.    In the comments mention three friends and write your answer (they can also follow these two steps to participate).

In addition, you must answer the following: Name two or more tournaments where Camilo and/or Barto Castagnola have won using @kronopolo tag the players and tournaments.

We will announce the winners of the draw on Friday 20 August at 3pm GMT. Note: Winners of the draw will be required to cover shipping costs.

Note: The winners of the giveaway will have to cover the shipping costs.