To celebrate Mother's Day is to exalt a being who has given her life for another person, it is to recognise the immense love and sacrifice they make from the moment they know they have become pregnant until the last day of their lives.

At Krono Polo we are experts in the adrenaline of polo and sports, but nothing compares to the daily battle of a mother. Today we want to recognise her determination, courage and bravery, which at the same time is combined with the sweetness and love that only a mother can feel and express.

A mother deserves everything, and although a gift never compensates for what they have done for their children, it is a good way to show our gratitude. That is why we have decided to make a selection of the best items you can give her for this time of the year.

Leather items

I think we all agree that leather is one of our mothers' favourite materials. Leather is a sign of elegance, durability and good style, for these reasons it is not surprising that leather goods are a good choice when it comes to offer a gift to anyone.

At Krono Polo we have a portfolio of articles produced in top quality Argentinian leather, which has a fine grain that guarantees the best possible attributes such as an unmistakable aroma, a unique texture and an incredible durability.

Polo belts

This accessory is made with Inca patterns, which give it a genuine touch, through which you can see the great manual work of craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to the art of leatherwork. On average it takes them 4 hours a day to make each individual figure; their aim is to take care of every detail, being meticulous with each stitch.

The leathers used in this accessory have a very fine grain that ensures a piece that will last for years. Finally, the antique brass coloured buckle gives this belt a look of tradition and elegance, which allows it to be associated as a great product of quality and unbeatable details. The wide variety of colours and textures, gives you the possibility to choose a polo belt according to your mother's tastes.

Polo boots

Without a doubt, polo boots can be anything but a detail that will go unnoticed. At Krono, boots are made to be the protagonist on the playing field, but also off it. Krono polo boots are made of different types of leathers, which aim to satisfy different types of needs and tastes.

Polo boots are a footwear that tells a story, from the manual manufacturing, processing and treatment of the leathers until they are finally designed and can be worn by people.

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