Krono Polo is an English polo equipment brand that has been manufacturing their own helmets since 2019 – a recent date to be honest – however, in a short time, has proved its leadership in helmet fit and safety. A huge challenge compared to the experience and tradition of other big polo brands that have been in the market for over 20 years. Krono has expanded from England to the Middle East, Europe and America, being trusted by the best professional polo players.

Krono Polo has focused on creating customised, and high-tech helmets and thanks to its affordable price, we have sold polo helmets to high, medium and low handicap polo players worldwide. The reason for this success are the high-quality standards we have developed, clever design and comfort that each one of our helmets offer. Krono ensures safety while keeping a traditional look, stunning colours and lightweight features. Besides, we seek for constant innovations, for example, with every Krono helmet you can choose between the traditional Argentine peak or the English peak, which is removable in order to avoid injuries from impacts, but also because we want to offer our customers the chance to choose the one of its preference. On the other hand, our polo helmet features a 3 point harness with magnetic buckle, which makes it more comfortable and easier to use.

Krono Polo helmets are distinguished from the others in the market for its style and appearance. Their colours are easily noticed and the option of fully customisation with print, paint, sublimation and embroidery, take them to the next level. Every helmet has embroidered the distinctive Krono K on the side. They are available at standard sizes or can be customised for a superior wearing experience.

From the beginning, Krono Polo has worked with engineers, looking to improve the helmet performance and satisfy the demands of this sport. Our efforts have allowed us to introduce new technologies, achieving great results in terms of safety. Krono helmets got an outstanding score at the test performed by the Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA), allowing them to be used at the official tournaments.

The ultimate performance of our helmets comes from its shock-absorbing inner padding and aluminium honeycomb structure, world´s first and exclusive in its kind. It is made of a lightweight, low-density and non-toxic material that provides maximum impact protection. 

Krono Polo helmet features a new and thicker carbon fiber shell (more resistant than other materials such as polystyrene or aluminium), full padded cover, detachable shock absorbing peak and a breathable inner line that avoid the generation of high temperatures inside. Polo helmets come in different colours, embroideries and designs and are available in special order.

At the beginning of 2019, the founder of the brand Camila Mejía, decided to launch her polo equipment signature and promised herself to create a brand that will save lives. After much research and hearing different stories of friends that have suffered major head injuries or even death, Camila started looking for solutions to avoid these tragedies. It was clear that technology, materials and the exploration of new design methods was really necessary for the polo industry.

Camila Mejía, who studied engineering and fashion design, has set high standards in all the creations of her brand, not only in the matter of polo helmets, but also in every protective gear and fashion garment. As a designer, Camila participated actively in the fashion industry for nearly 10 years, and now through Krono she wants to mix both passions, with first quality goods if we think about engineering and at the same time with exclusive, unique and avant-garde designs. Thanks to this, Krono Polo has rapidly positioned itself as a world-class referent by achieving its main goal, that is, as we said, to protect the life and integrity of the players.

As we said, modern and avant-garde elements are really important for Krono, however it does not mean that we do not appreciate tradition when we design the polo items, because we know that this is one of the pillars of this sport. On the contrary, we value this and use it as a referent for creating contemporary and timeless equipment, but above all functional, that fit in with new generations who see in polo a way to expand their days.

Nowadays, Krono Polo is sold at retail stores in Europe, United States, Australia, Middle East, Africa and Asia, but we have worldwide coverage through our website

Right now, the Krono Polo Team is working on the design of a new helmet that seeks to improve the safety standards. Stay tuned to our social media to know everything about new releasings  @kronopolo