When people think of warm clothes, big coats and woollen socks usually come to mind. But have you ever wondered about a garment that you can wear at any time because of its irresistible comfort?

Luckily for everyone, there is one basic garment that provides comfort and style all year round. That garment is none other than the classic sweatshirt that most of us have in our wardrobe, but often ignore its potential. You can find this type of garment stacked up in many wardrobes and dressing rooms around the world. Some people may even have an extensive collection of overalls that they have accumulated over the years.

Why people choose to accumulate hoodies is easy to understand. On the one hand, they are extremely comfortable and cosy, on the other hand, they are usually quite affordable and finally, hoodies are very versatile. Some overalls can have a special meaning, be it a holiday, a specific smell or just a nice souvenir.

Overalls have become a must have

Fashion trends are difficult to understand, and in many cases impossible to adapt to. Some fashion items seem to come and go with the seasons; others arrive on the market out of nowhere and we never quite understand where they come from. Most fashion trends disappear as quickly as they started. On the contrary, overalls and hoodies never seem to go out of fashion, the designs may change, but the essence as such always remains the same.

Overalls are the perfect mix of style and comfort, so you should never underestimate the power of overalls and the change they can give to your overall outfit. From the possibility of wearing them with jeans for a night out with friends, to combining them with sportswear for a workout, or simply with a pair of shorts to grab a coffee on a cold morning. The magic of overalls is that, depending on what you wear them with, they will give you a sophisticated and youthful style.

It doesn't matter if you are a glamorous person or someone much more uncomplicated, we all like to feel comfortable at some point of the day.

Comfort is key

As has already been mentioned several times in this article, this type of clothing is the first thing that many people look for when it comes to comfort. It is unlikely that any other item of clothing will have the same effect as a hoodie.

However, not all hoodies are made equally. Sure they all provide minimal comfort, but some hoodies sacrifice quality and comfort in order to offer a better price. Krono Polo hoodies are made of 100% cotton, and some sweaters are even knitted in cashmere, a premium wool that is incredibly warm and ultra-soft.

Now, what is really important in a good sweatshirt is that it is made of cotton, as this natural raw material is hard-wearing, soft and easy to care for. You should always consider the material in which the garment is made to know the quality of the item you are buying.

Why cotton?

Cotton clothing has proven to be one of the highest quality garments on the market. This is because cotton is a unique material. Many of the clothes you wear every day are made with minimal amounts of cotton, but often the clothes are made with a mixture of different materials because they are cheaper.

100% cotton clothing is of much higher quality than clothing made of mixed fabrics. Cotton is a natural and organic material, while other materials are made synthetically. In addition, cotton has many more advantages because it is a natural fabric.

Cotton can absorb heat and perspiration from the body and wick it through the clothing to keep you well ventilated. In the colder months, cotton can trap heat for a warmer feel, making it perfect for sweatshirts and pullovers.

Cotton clothing can also last much longer than other items in your wardrobe. This is because it is a fairly strong and durable material. The price of a cotton hooded jumper is worth it considering how long it will last.

Now that you know all the benefits of cotton and hoodies, it is important for you to know that Krono Polo has sophisticated and timeless designs in its different references of sweatshirts. On the other hand, its style between classic and sporty makes it an easy to wear and wear at all times. Our online shop is dedicated to providing our customers with hoodies of the highest quality for you and the whole family.

Our overalls are also inspired by golf and polo. However, we do not limit ourselves in designing garments that can be worn only in these disciplines, but rather, we want them to be worn at all times, both by polo lovers as well as by those who love good taste, comfort and quality.

We love cotton hoodies so much that we want to share them with our valued customers as much as we can. Visit our website and discover our overalls.