Anyone who has seen Game of Thrones, can easily recognize what I mean by the title of this article. Just as in the series, in reality winter has also arrived and at a somewhat "particular" time (pandemic, confinement, end of a decade, Covid-19 vaccine, virtual Christmas, etc.) however, there is something positive that the last season of the year brings us: coats.

The renowned poet and writer Oscar Wilde said that "You can resist everything, except temptation" I would add that we cannot resist winter clothes either, I think everyone will agree when I say that winter clothes give us that elegant and sophisticated touch that we all like to have, but they also offer us that possibility of staying warm even with soft and uncomplicated jumpers.

Those hoodies that, sometimes we sleep with them, we go out to the street and we last all day with them on, let's be honest, they go from being a common clothing to being the season's companion; having that item that accompanies you, day and night is not only a privilege, it is a necessity while in the winter.

Not to brag, but the Krono Polo hoodies are all you need for this winter, which we bet will be very long. Not only is the contemporary and cool design, nor the 100% polyester fleece fabric (just saying fleece I can imagine the warmest and softest jumper on the planet), it's the story behind every item produced by the brand.

Krono hoodies also have an adjustable hood for those days when not aware that any part of your body is unprotected, days that will gradually become much more common in this region of the world. That said, here comes our next recommended HATS! If you are one of those who discreetly wears hats at other times of the year because you are afraid of looking strange, then this is the opportunity to wear wool hats without fear.

Krono beanies are perfect to wear this season, you don't need to travel to St. Moritz to enjoy snow polo to wear them, even though Krono Polo is a sports polo brand, the versatility of the garments allows them to be worn at all times, people will not notice that what you are wearing is a sports brand item.

Krono Polo is a brand that specialises in sports polo articles, however, we wanted to develop stylish items that give a rejuvenating air to polo players, youthful and fresh clothing for polo players who live each day at their own pace. Now, just because the brand is designed for polo players and lovers, doesn't mean that no one else can wear it, the hoodies, for example, can be worn by anyone who values quality, design and the guarantee of an after-sales service focused on having the customer 100% satisfied.

As far as hoodies are concerned, Krono has a wide variety of designs and fabrics, which can range from cotton, polyester and cashmere; always thinking of getting as close as possible to the needs of each particular client and with the aim of giving that final touch of style with clothing that subtly play a leading role.

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Written by: Santiago B. Posada

Translated by: Mayra Alejandra V. Ramos