To ride a horse it is not only important to have an animal in good condition, it is equally important to have a saddle according to the action we want to perform, that fits our horse and of course us. To make the right decision, it is essential to take into account several aspects. 

The first is to know what is the purpose of riding, such as dressage, jumping, work, race. Once we are clear about the activity to be carried out, we can then focus on the saddle.

Types of saddles according to their activity

Dressage saddle: It is frequently used at the time of dressage and training. Among its qualities, it is characterised by having a narrow structure, a straight and long skirt that gives the rider the possibility of having a more elongated position of the leg, seeking to increase control, it also has developed tassels. The properties of the dressage saddle allow this saddle to be softer, lighter and less rigid.

Mixed or general purpose saddle: This is one of the most widely used saddles all over the world, both by beginners and experts in the field of riding. One of its qualities is that it is an intermediate saddle between dressage and jumping, and is therefore suitable for any type of activity on the horse.

Jumping saddle: The main characteristic of this saddle is its lightness, which is necessary for this discipline. The rounded structure with a shallower seat allows the rider to stand up during the jump.

Racing saddle: Its use is limited to participation in this type of competition. Within this classification we find the training saddle.

Polo saddle: Through the saddle we can control and direct the horse, ideally the polo saddle should always have a long and flat structure, which allows the legs of the polo player to grip to facilitate control. A polo saddle should flex with the movements of the horse's back, in order to avoid discomfort for the horse and a direct effect on the horse's performance.

Additional aspects to consider

Once we have found the perfect saddle for the activity we are going to do, we must focus on aspects of our own physical conditions, such as, for example, that it is comfortable to use, that it has the right size and weight among other variables that can go to personal taste. It is important to note that if we do not feel comfortable when riding, this will be transmitted to the horse and we will not be able to get our best performance.

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