It's no secret that keeping up the pace of training this year has been difficult, not only because of the quarantine and closed gyms, but also because of the mood that has caused us to have little motivation to stay in shape. So, in the hope of starting a new year with all the energy to make up for lost time, we want to focus on how to get the boost needed to stay active throughout 2021, eliminating the factors that can make us lose motivation.

Psychological effect

It has been proven that wearing clothes can play against or in favour of the way people think and assume about the day in general, and sportswear is not unrelated to this hypothesis. There is a process that has been called "wrapped cognition", and it explains what happens in our brain and the stimuli it receives depending on the clothes we wear. If we focus on the clothes that are worn when playing polo, either in a competition or in practice, and these are made specifically for polo, of optimum quality and with technological innovations that improve the playing experience, the brain associates all these benefits and is interested in continuing to play polo regularly, as the body is generally more willing to wear this type of polo clothing over and over again.

Now, if we add up the characteristics of a high-quality item, which fits the body, which is breathable, which generates protection, security and confidence; the psychological effects will start to motivate us to be constant when practicing. If we use Krono Polo implements that are designed for the specific needs of polo players, we will feel like we are at ease while on the field. Krono is a brand that does not have a single goal of making you look good; it is designed to achieve high levels of comfort while you play polo.

This is why, when playing polo, we recommend that you not only look for the most eye-catching items, but also find out about the differences or technological benefits that the brands offer. Krono Polo, always has been differentiating elements that are divided into three main areas: comfort, design and protection. The result will always be the same: enjoyment at the time of playing.

You may have attended a polo class for the first time and worn stiff trousers, you may have hurt your leg or felt uncomfortable throughout the practice; you may then think that polo is a sport that is not for you as you are not willing to suffer such discomfort. Unfortunately, you may have had a bad first impression of polo because of an item that was not designed for the sport or you wore a poor quality one. If you had worn a Krono polo trousers with inner pads to protect your inner thigh and that was made of an elastic material that allowed you more freedom of movement, perhaps your perception of polo would have changed and you would still be able to go to polo regularly.

Every polo player, or any sport in general, recognises that a well-made item brings benefits when playing, from the design of the item to the materials in which it is made. Therefore, acquiring quality clothing is above all an investment that will be recovered with the good results obtained in the future. For example, the Krono Polo polo helmets and other elements such as knee and elbow pads for polo, have unique designs and improvements in the market, from the way they fit the body to the materials that are used to promote breathability, always focused on keeping the body in a state of comfort, seeking that your concern is none other than to score a goal to your opponent.

Consequence and coherence

If you wear sport clothes to the gym or if every time you go to a polo practice you use clothes especially for polo, step by step your brain will enter in a state of focus so that it is prepared, therefore, you will assume a consistent and coherent attitude with the mentality of a good polo player and with this will come improvements in your technique and performance due to the attitude with which you assume your daily training. To this we must add the reduction of the probability of an injury that can end up demotivating you for weeks or months.

Using these implements helps you to avoid excuses: I think I am not lying when I say that the most difficult part of going to train (either to the gym or to the club) is getting dressed, once you have the clothes on you find the motivation to attend the practice, if you have clothes according to your style and quality, it will be easier to create a training habit.

In conclusion: it is true that the learning depends 100% on you, but you can also help yourself to keep habits with the equipment you use, the body always wants to wear clothes that give it confidence and make it feel good in any task. That's why, when training or playing polo, you must acquire the best implements.

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Written by: Santiago Posada

Translated by: Mayra Alejandra V. Ramos