Spoiling our pets, and giving them personalised items, or items that perfectly complement the accessories that we, their owners, use, is no longer a matter of celebrities, but it is now common for big brands to think of the most spoiled (and smallest) in the house.

At Krono Belts we have thought of man's best friends, a token of affection for those who are always waiting for us with a smile (or bark) of happiness. Premium leather collars and leashes, with embroidery inspired by South American culture in vibrant colours that will give your dog a unique and distinctive style.

For those of us who have a pet or have lived with one, it is impossible not to recognise that, as soon as we grab the leash, our furry friends come to the door because they know - it's time for a walk!

And it is not for less, for dogs, the walk is the best moment of the day, so, to help them to enjoy, the most logical thing is that we have a series of fundamental elements such as a collar and a leash. The Krono Belts implements are made of soft leather, pieces of Argentinian leather of the best quality that will not only make your pet look good but will take care of his coat and give you the confidence of being an extremely resistant material, which does not tear easily and will also last for a long time.

On the other hand, each breed of dog is a different world, so at Krono Belts we have taken this into account and created different sizes, both for collars and leashes It is important to consider at this point the strength of each dog, the leashes for example come in two different sizes of width, as it is important to start from the fact that the larger the size, the greater the force that our pet will exert on the leash and we do not want accidents.

Krono dog collars come in different diameter sizes, which means that they can be used by miniature breeds up to giant breeds, and the best thing is that there are different designs available that match both the leash and the collar, as well as the collection that is available in polo belts for us humans.

These items for our most loyal friends are available for international shipping, with fast and affordable delivery times, so you can quickly enjoy the style and security of these accessories, which among other things, have been woven by Argentinean artisans who are experts in the art of leather goods.

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