Some of the most common polo protective equipment, but a little bit unknown, are the elbow and knee pads. However, both elements are important at every practice and competition, as they protect from major injuries that can take you out of the field for a significant amount of time. 

Nobody wants to be away from what they love the most and, as we know, polo is a sport that moves great passions and keeps people connected 24/7. This is why an injury when you play polo does not merely mean to be physically in pain, but also mentally it will be a downturn in the mood of any player.

The College of Kinesiologists of Buenos Aires, Argentina, carried out a study in which they concluded that the most common injuries that occur during polo matches are, in the first place, upper limb injuries with 50%, followed by lower limb injuries with 43% and, finally, spinal injuries with 7% respectively.

Polo is a high-speed contact sport, so there are different protective items used for different parts of the body. Within protective equipment we can find helmets, glasses and elbow guards for the upper body, however this is the area of the body where most injuries occur. 

Protective gear has a reputation for being uncomfortable, so many polo players prefer not to use it. The low adjustability, sweat, high thermal sensation or the unpleasant itching on the skin, turn sometimes elbow pads, helmets, and knee guards into enemies instead of allies. Now, it is important to make clear that it is not only about wearing the knee and elbow pads just to fill a requirement. This may cause that sometimes you choose the cheapest items, borrowed or that don't fit properly, and this put your safety at risk.

It is important to highlight that the most common injuries in the upper body are those in shoulders, elbow and wrist, due to the fact that they are in constant use when riding and braking. Besides, the arm in its full extension is fundamental for playing polo, which generates a continuous attrition, a cause of the repetitive strength movements when hitting the polo ball at both sides of the horse, and this can have negative consequences along the time. Not to mention the high risk of being hit by balls, horses or falls.

Krono polo elbow guards are made of Kevlar, a material known by its elastic but resistant properties, taking into account the constant risk of blows from mallets or falls. In addition, the neoprene that covers the Kevlar helps with the breathability required to keep the elbows cool.

Krono Polo has a collection of elbow pads trusted by some of the world's best polo players. This is why Krono becomes an ally who takes care of your integrity and that translates, among other things, into quality time on the field, safety and above all confidence to ride hard.

Looking always for the comfort of the players, the Krono Polo elbow guards come in three different sizes and colours, for both men and women. The goal is that you can express your personality through your polo equipment, customizing the minimum detail and achieving that your polo gear reflects who you are. The pre-curved ergonomic design and the added security of two elastic straps, guarantee maximum comfort and improve the feeling of rubbing against the skin.

On the other hand, knee pads become an essential when it comes to practice polo. They protect one of the most sensitive and vital parts of the human body: our knees. This area has a huge involvement in the game, as it helps us to manouevre the horse and perform different kinds of movements. It is also very exposed to elements as mallet or polo ball and falls.

In the world of protective elements, there are various types of knee guards. The main are the preventive and orthopaedic ones. For polo we use the preventive, because it will always be better to prevent an injury or breakage than suspend the sport activities.

Krono polo knee pads focus on protecting as much as possible the knee splint and its surrounding zone, knowing that this is the area that allows to perform the most essential movements for daily life beyond polo, as standing, walking and sitting, among others.

There are three simple but essential keys when buying a knee pad and, in general, any other protective gear for polo or any other sport. At Krono Polo, we focus on reinforcing these three items to give you the best user experience. 

  • Protection: this item is determined by the material from which the knee pad is made. It should have the perfect balance between thickness and stiffness to ensure a perfect fit but also absorption of the hard knocks. Krono polo knee guards are made of buffalo skin, known for its unique properties as elasticity and resistance, which allows safety for the knee and at the same time freedom of movement.
  • Fit: as we said, the material of the knee pads is essential, but also the mechanism for being adjusted. In this case, Krono Polo has used a pair of detachable and replaceable straps to ensure a perfect fit. In addition to that, they come in two different sizes depending on your physiognomy.
  • Breathable: the reason for choosing buffalo leather is not random. Thanks to the amount of pores that this skin has, the knee pad keeps mouldable and cool, giving a sensation of freshness to your knee so you will feel like you are not wearing anything.

It happens sometimes that players avoid the use of protective equipment because of the lack of comfort they feel when using them. This is why Krono Polo optimises its products constantly, to create better experiences for its customers.

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