The pandemic shaped a new reality for people all around the world, things that were just an option, now became a must. One of those things was e-commerce; people used to buy certain articles online, but it was difficult to imagine that everything was going to be done this way. And now that we are enjoying its benefits, there are certain points that should be considered in order to have a safe and smooth shopping experience.

Usually, you would go to your favourite polo shop, or maybe during a tournament you met polo brands and acquired your equipment. But then tournaments were cancelled and shops were closed and it became obvious that knowing the size of your polo helmet was a real need. Note that when we say knowing the size, we refer to knowing precisely the size you should order your helmet, as the fit translates into safety and comfort. And, if you are going to buy it online, this information is essential.

Knowing your size will allow you to access the online world and its advantages, as special discounts, comfort and the ease of buying the equipment of your favourites brands, especially when they are not located at your country. Nowadays, it is not enough to go to a shop and buy what you are looking for because, talking about the polo helmets, you may feel comfortable with different sizes, but are you completely sure that it is the right fit for you?

In the case you don't know exactly the size of your polo helmet, here is a small tutorial, so that you can learn how to take the measure of your head. This way, you can choose the perfect size for you, whether you buy it online or you go directly to the shop. 

What you should do is take a measuring tape and place it just above your eyebrows and ears, forming a slight diagonal line around your head. A good tip is to calculate 1 inch above the eyebrows and ears (as shown in the picture).

Once you have this measure, you can take one of the closest values. In this chart you can see different measures and its corresponding size. Some brands use numbers as a reference and others use letters. 

If you can find the measure of your head in the previous chart, you can be sure that you are acquiring the polo helmet that perfectly fits you. And, if your measurements are beside these margins, you can contact our Krono Polo team to help you customize your polo helmet in order to satisfy your needs and achieve the ideal fit for you.

On the other hand, it is important to analyze if the polo helmet that you are currently wearing is fitting correctly or how do you feel using it, so you can decide if it is the correct size for you. Remember, any anomaly puts your safety at risk.

  • Does the helmet move more than normal on your head? The polo helmet should not move, so it means is a bigger size than the one you need.
  • You don't have enough visibility? It means that the helmet is too big and difficult the vision as it moves forward.
  • Does your head hurt after practicing polo? It's probably that there is an excess of pressure which indicates the helmet is too small for you.
  • Does the polo helmet bend your ears? It is a clear sign that you need a smaller helmet, or maybe the shape is not the right for you.
  • Do you feel the ideal pressure and fit, there is no movement and you have good visibility? Perfect! You have found the right polo helmet for you. Now you can play polo in a conscious way with the ideal equipment. 


Knowing how to take the measures when buying a new helmet or confirming that your actual helmet is the right for you, is vital for your safety while playing polo. Taking care of yourself is non-negotiable and therefore you should always invest in your health care.

The Krono Polo helmets are high quality, as they use F1 technology looking to enhance the efficiency when it comes to protecting the integrity of the horse riders. Besides, a fundamental fact of the polo helmets wore in England, is that they have the PAS 015:2011 certification issued by the HPA, which is an indicator of good manufacturing practices and care for the polo player. This certification is approved in 26 more countries and allows playing at international events.

Krono Polo helmets are available in multiple designs looking to adjust not only to your body measures, but to your personality.

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