To determine how Krono Polo has managed to become a true global polo brand, we must first ask ourselves what it means to be a global brand. To be global, it is necessary to have the backing of major teams, clubs and players, not to mention something that seems obvious, but is still important to mention, and that is to have an international presence.

To reach this point, it is also important to have at least the best quality primary material, and human capital that must be qualified, with the objective of contributing value in the company's production chain and in general in the different areas of the company.

What is previously mentioned might be a technical and summarised definition that may work in theory, but in the practice it falls short. Krono Polo is known as a polo brand, which was founded in 2019 and is today recognised among those who love polo, lifestyle, horses and nature. The fact that today Krono is for many people a reference not only in design but also in technology, speaks of how strong Krono Polo is today, especially after a year that has been marked by a crisis and that seems to continue throughout 2021.

Regarding the products we offer on the market, we can only say that they are the result of continuous work that is constantly being strengthened, thanks to the innovation and expertise of people who not only work for this industry, but also love polo. It has been that love that has leads us to give the best within our brand, seeking to leave a positive footprint on customers, polo teams and even on the beloved horses at all times. Being global is the result of all of you, our customers, recognising and valuing our work.

Now, what has been the key to make Krono a brand that manages to place itself in the spotlight of the polo world? There is no magic formula to answer this question briefly, but at Krono we have focused on constantly learning from the environment, being humble enough to adjust the processes that can be improved while retaining a brand identity and an expertise that is unique.

If we test the products that Krono produces such as polo helmets, gloves or polo boots we will know why the brand now sells its products in countries ranging from Colombia to Turkey or South Africa.

Krono Polo is a brand that is not only good because of its products but also due to its constant evolution. Evolving has a component of adaptability that seeks to adjust to the environment, and that is where Krono studies and understands the needs of its customers and always has the premise of giving them what they need.

This proximity and opportunism have turned Krono Polo into a reference point. If we add to that the quality of the raw material with which it works and the qualified hands of craftsmen, manufacturers, designers and engineers, we know that Krono does not only sell polo articles. Krono Polo is an ally when playing polo.

Visit and also the recent website which expands the company's portfolio, exploring product alternatives in designs inspired by La Pampa, Argentina, and which are a reflection of a South American culture in which there is a fervent passion for polo. Accessories that you can wear at all times and that will fit perfectly with your lifestyle.

Written by: Santiago B. Posada

Translated by: Mayra Alejandra V. Ramos.