With less than 24 hours left to say goodbye to the year, we want to show you some of our star articles from our brand Krono Polo which were in the limelight through different tournaments during the year and were used by great personalities in the polo world internationally.

Without doubt, a star product form the Krono brand are its polo gloves, players favourites, this to the fact that they improve the grip in a unique way and allow the real sensation of the hand, during the 2020 we can see that these polo loves come in different colours and have participated in different tournaments worldwide, from Millie Hine in the recent feminine polo Abierto Argentino, in which she was crowned champion next to her team up to the brothers Castagnola who also shined in the Triple Corona. 

Polo gloves are fundamental, not only because of the ability of grip and resistance that they provide, but also because of the protection they give to one of the used extremities in this game, your hands. Krono Polo, has wanted to make their polo gloves their featured product, it was with this product that they went out there in the market and each day it innovates with improvements in designs and technology. The best is, they are long lasting and easy to take care for. 

It would be impossible to talk about Krono with out mentioning one of its most remarkable products, the Krono polo helmets risk taking public, which allow them to show their personality in one of the mandatory elements to play, because they avoid multiple risks when used. Krono Polo in the present is certified with the PAS 015:2011 certification which guarantees that the helmet that is produced by the brand is of excellent quality and gathers with the minimum needed to care for the players integrity. 

Krono Polo helmets are elaborated with engineering and materials used in the F1, which has allowed to develop the first comb type helmet in the world, meaning that it has the best performance for a polo helmet when it comes to a hit or a spontaneous trauma, a Krono Polo helmet is easy to identify from the other players, a polo helmet from Krono Polo is unique. 

The best way to distinguish a polo player is by their polo whites, well, Krono could not be a brand specialized in polo and not have trousers at the height of the products mentioned before, Krono polo trousers have an internal panel that protects the leg from constant friction with the horse, in addition they are made of an elastic fabric that allows freedom of movement to allow you to manoeuvre in the best way on the field.

Although white polo trousers are for matches and tournaments, Krono had the brilliant idea of also developing a black polo practice trousersperfect for wearing as often as necessary without the fear of looking dirty, these polo trousers also have the same technical specifications as the white polo shorts.

We could not talk about 2020 without talking about the face mask, loved by some and hated by others. The face mask became the key piece and the most worn by all people throughout the year and will be the garment by which we will remember the end of the decade. The world of polo was no stranger to this reality and even became an obligatory element in order to play chukkas; this is why Krono Polo launched its own face mask to the market, which is breathable and designed for sportsmen and women, as it allows them to breathe normally improving their performance. 

2020 has been a rollercoaster in all aspects, although it has left us with many lessons, I think everyone will agree with me when I say that we want it to end. Visit our website www.kronopolo.com and place your order before the end of the year.

Written by: Santiago B. Posada

Translated by Mayra Alejandra V. Ramos