Fulfilling our purpose of becoming a brand with a global reach, as of 2021 our products are already available at The Tackeria, a store specialized in polo articles located in Wellington, Florida.

At Krono Polo we have recognized the passion that exists in the United States for polo, specifically in the state of Florida; This is why we were clear from the beginning that this would be a destination we wanted to reach with our Krono products portfolio. Today we are pleased to announce this alliance which we hope will not only benefit the company but also our clients, both players and non-players who love polo, who hope to find quality implements to play polo and that are appropriate for all people, with unique qualities. accompanied by an exceptional service.

The Tackeria is a store specialized in equestrian articles, within which it has a line dedicated to polo. Recognized for having one of the best selections of imported items from Europe, East and South America seeking to offer the best for the best players.

For Krono Polo it is an honour to be in the showcases of The Tackeria and we assure that the distinctiveness we have as a brand will be difficult to match.

With this alliance we expand our network of physical stores in which you can find our products. This allows us to reach to a region where excellent players live and there is a significant presence of internationally recognized polo clubs.

Other stores where you can already find our products are: Tally Ho Farm England, Nearside Polo Zurich and Tacos Top Argentina. In this way, we fulfil the purpose of expanding our coverage by increasing our presence and proximity to those who want to live the experience of using Krono products, with the guarantee of offering a positive impact in each tournament and practice that the player carries out.

In 2021 we want to continue to take our brand philosophy to every corner where polo is in the air, not only with the aim of increasing sales but also seeking to learn from the culture and the public in each country where we are present, in order to nurture and reinvent ourselves constantly with the mission of responding to the needs of polo lovers in the media that make Krono Polo a leading company in the sector.