We have brought to you a source of inspiration for those days when your mind goes blank and you don't know what to wear, spending a lot of time in front of your wardrobe and the mirror without the slightest idea of what to wear; the best of all is that those outfits with which you can get inspiration from are at your fingertips or you can head over to our website and discover timeless and stylish items that will help you get out of trouble on those days when you don't have the head to think of what to wear. All in all, whether you're a fashion lover or just like to look and feel good, Krono clothing items will help you conquer the runway every day. 

Basic T-shirt: without a doubt they are one of the must-have items in a man or woman's wardrobe, they help you look fresh and comfortable as well as being perfect to wear at different times, it all depends on what items you pair it with and you will see how it becomes a multi-purpose piece.

Sweaters: this clothing item can always be used in different ways; in the traditional way it keeps us warm and makes us look a bit more formal -and even more if the sweater is made of cashmere like the ones from Krono Polo-. We can also wear it hanging on our shoulders and it will become an accessory that will make us look casual and, why not, tied at the waist and we acquire an uncomplicated and fresh look.

Shirt: a good shirt will always be indispensable in the wardrobe, the Krono Polo edition is unisex. This Krono shirt is perfect for both sexes, as it has a special fit, loose for women and a perfect fit for men. It gives us a casual look, which looks great with jeans for those days when we want to look good without much effort. For a relaxed look, we can wear it unbuttoned and with a basic shirt like the ones mentioned above, creating a layered look.

Jeans:  it's true that many people don't pay attention to this clothing item, but it's clear that a good pair of jeans can change a whole look. Try to have jeans that are as daring as you allow them to be, but without leaving aside the classic blue jeans. You will see that this clothing item can save you in the worst moments of indecision.

Sunglasses: without a doubt, the most addictive accessory that has become a must-have for everyone, whether it's because the night before you couldn't sleep well or you went out partying or simply because the weather forecast indicates that it's going to be a sunny day. Sunglasses are undoubtedly a must have, where having many is finally not so many and where there are as many possible styles as you can imagine. The Krono Polo sunglasses maintain a 50's style, which by the way is very fashionable and will give you an overwhelming style.