Despite the fact that gyms are slowly reopening, many people have chosen to stay at home or train in the environment they have. However, starting from the time in which we are, where rain and cold is a frequent factor, it may be that the weather becomes a barrier to train freely; Even so, we must clarify that this is not something that should hinder the achievement of your fitness goals, since there are many other options.

Here are some exercises you can do at home:

HITT training: staying at home does not mean that physical exercise cannot be of a high intensity. With just 30 minutes of a HITT you can get great results that will greatly increase your satisfaction. On the internet you can find a wide variety of videos and tutorials that will show you the best way to do this type of training.

Abs: the traditional exercise that leaves us with a feeling of having worked hard, the abs will quickly leave you with a burning sensation. You can use this as a full workout or after a work session in another area of ​​the body.

Yoga: the perfect practice for a rainy day. Although you think it is an easy exercise to perform, you will be surprised to see the degree of resistance, coordination and balance necessary to perform all kinds of poses. Yoga is a discipline that strengthens the body and helps us improve technique for other sports such as polo, tennis or golf, as it allows us to increase control of our body and helps to calm the mind and be assertive in the decisions we make. we must take when playing sports.

Running outdoors: While this may go against what you were hoping to read in this article, the truth is that running in the rain is perfect for your body. The rain can help you regulate the temperature much better and keep you cool, which translates into greater resistance and beating your personal best. Just be sure to wear absorbent, quick-drying clothing! Krono Polo has several items that are ideal for this climate. Also, imagine the feeling of a hot shower after training in a storm.

Resistance: while we were in quarantine, most people provided themselves with items to exercise at home. You can still make use of those sports equipment on those rainy days and continue to build muscle through a routine similar to what you would practice in a gym.

Remember to wear comfortable clothes designed for physical exercise and do not waste time thinking that you cannot train if it is not doing good weather, the excuses are only in your mind.