Polo is a sport that moves passions and transports us to incredible states of adrenaline. Now, the great polo teams manage to offer us a unique game that stirs up all kinds of emotions from within, making us go from joy to suspense and anxiety, but, above all, to excitement. Horses at high speed on a huge field, balls that are being hit at full force and falls that sometimes generate pain and a little bit of terror. That is what we at Krono Polo wanted to represent in the new collection that is under the alliance created between La Natividad x Krono Polo, unique items that seek to awaken the pride that every polo fan or player has inside and make it emerge on our skin.

La Natividad is a club created by the Castagnola family in 2011. Bartolomé Castagnola is responsible for giving life to this important polo team, which has achieved great feats in its history, from the moment the first ball was hit by the distinctive green open-winged shirt. This is how La Natividad will soon become a reference of Argentine polo worldwide.

Later on, the young polo superstars’ sons of the team's founder, 'Barto' and 'Jeta' Castagnola would be projected as the promising polo players who would go on to make their careers with La Natividad. Today, ten years after the creation of La Natividad Polo, victories continue to be reaped alongside the Castagnola brothers, 'Polito' Pieres and 'Nachi' DuPlessis, players who make up the current line-up of one of the most recognised polo teams on the world. At the same time, the centenary of this creation is celebrated through an alliance with Krono Polo, a young polo brand that perhaps lacks the trajectory that La Natividad already has, but which has arrived to renew and revitalise the polo industry.

Krono, in its promise of unmistakable, contemporary and sophisticated design, has created a collection that includes various pieces such as hoodies, t-shirts, caps and gloves among other items, with a strong essence of what polo is, what it means and how it is experienced by those who are fans of this sport and, clearly, followers of La Natividad.

To achieve this, Krono has gone for a combination of trends and vibrant prints such as the La Natividad badge, but without leaving aside the neutral colours that go perfectly with all types of items and go according to any type of occasion. Made of vegan cotton in the case of the T-shirts, and in general in top quality materials that encourage comfort and safety. 

Discover the garments of the Krono Polo x La Natividad collaboration at which will be for a limited time and purchase these items that will surely become collector's items.