Humans and animals have been in constant relationship, making history and forging destiny in each other's lives. Since primitive times, man has hunted animals for his own survival: either to obtain their meat as a source of food or to use their skins for clothing and protection from the weather. Hence, the use of animal skins or leather is linked to the very existence of man. This is where leather goods, the industry dedicated to creating all kinds of handcrafted products with leather, is born and found.

Leather has properties of resistance and flexibility very appropriate for its manipulation, which allows it to be used as a primary material in an infinite number of elaborations. This is why it is one of the most prized materials when creating clothing, furniture and protective elements due to its high resistance.

 To obtain it, it is necessary to separate the layer of skin from the animal's body, normally it is cowhide, but there are also skins as varied as exotic; turning leather into a luxury market only available for the most lovers of exclusivity and distinction, however, unfortunately, the life of some species has been endangered in order to satisfy the demand of those more refined products.

A vital process in the treatment of leather is tanning, a technique used by leather craftsmen and especially by those involved in leather goods. This is where the leather is given its final finish, from its colouring to its texture and appearance. It goes without saying that a leather with better qualities and fine grain allows for better results.

Leather at Krono Polo

Nowadays, in the world of leather goods, leather and leather are materials used to make items such as bags, purses, wallets, belts and footwear. Particularly in Krono Polo we have used leather as an appliqué in multiple articles up to more elaborate products such as polo boots.

On this occasion we want to highlight the polo belts, which have been elaborated under a gaucho inspiration and in general of the South American culture. These polo belts are woven in waxed yarns in a variety of vibrant colours, which give a glimpse of the richness of the culture of the southern cone.

Krono polo belts are invaluable pieces that combine the tradition of polo with the versatility of being able to be worn with modern garments and different styles, from being able to be worn on the playing field with your polo trousers to dresses and summer suits, with the same result, to look fresh, youthful and authentic.

The process of making the polo belts takes time, not only because of the handling and treatment of the leathers - which are sourced from Argentina - a leading country in the creation of high quality leathers, but also because each belt is woven by hand with beautiful patterns that recreate the great Andes Mountains. This manufacturing is carried out by artisans from the same country, who are experts in the art of leather goods.

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