Fortunately, today more and more men prefer to live an active lifestyle. Going to gyms and participating in sports competitions requires its own characteristics and accessories. Very often, men must carry a lot of useful things at all times: sportswear, shoes and some sports-related items, which can be as big as polo boots or as small as gloves. Here you can't leave without a practical sports bag.

Over-the-shoulder sports bags

The most classic version of the men's sports bag is a shoulder bag. The model has a regular rectangular shape that is perfect for storing all kinds of equipment. The designers did their best and the truth is that many have succeeded. This sports bag can have several zippered compartments and is equipped with small pockets, trying to emulate everything that the sportsman or sportswoman might need at any time. In these small compartments you can fit various things such as: keys, wallet, mobile phone or credit cards, the important thing is to not to have everything jumbled up in one place and trying to find it is a chaos.

Nowadays, shoulder bags are the most popular choice among men of different ages. They are preferred not only by young people, but also by adults. Krono Polo designed an over-the-shoulder bag that will give you comfort on any trip or meeting, perfect for carrying all kinds of luggage for the gym and on the way to the office or even for a whole day's practice at the polo club and easy changing to share with friends. 

One of the advantages of carrying your luggage on your shoulder is that your hands are always free. The handles of the Krono bag come in the ideal size so that it won't slip off your shoulder and will always stay in one fixed point, as well as being comfortable and distributing the weight correctly. This Krono bag is made from a durable fabric that can withstand all kinds of surfaces without breaking down, from the warm leather of the back seat of your car to the rough floor of the gym or the grass of the polo field, the important thing is that what is inside is protected.

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