The origin of the polo belt

Made in Argentina, polo belts are strongly inspired by Gaucho and South American culture in general, the patterns that these polo belts display come from the inspiration gained by indigenous people from past civilisations, such as the Incas; the recognisable "diamonds" that make up the polo belts actually represent the great Andes mountain range, a mountain range of great importance to the entire American continent, from Patagonia in Argentina to Colombia in the far north.

Year after year, Argentine polo belts have become a staple of the English wardrobe, and no wonder, as these belts made from the prestigious Argentine leather are adorned with colours ranging from the most basic to the most daring and eye-catching, creating combinations that literally look good with all kinds of clothing items.

Krono Belts

Founded in mid-2019, Krono has been a brand that produces polo lifestyle items, both to go on the horse during a polo match and to enjoy from the stands or to go out on a cold or sunny day, all under a strong and clear inspiration based on the world of polo. This brand is known as Krono Polo, however, following the company's vision and business model of producing everything related to polo, it was unthinkable that an item such as polo belts would not be present within the brand, this is why not only a collection but an autonomous brand was created for this accessory that tells a story of its own and is art made leather.

In this way we ensure that we produce the best polo belts, with the best designs and ensuring that they are shipped anywhere in the world, thus fulfilling the promise of being a global brand and accessible from anywhere.

Our belts

The Krono polo belt, preferred by many high handicap polo players and worn by polo enthusiasts, continues to exceed all expectations. Our collection of classic and embroidered polo belts comprises more than 40 references, all with a unique contribution to your style and personality. These polo belts have been developed to offer a narrow version, suitable for wearing with jodhpurs, skinny jeans and high-waisted jeans.

If you want to see for yourself the quality of our belts and all the variety we have, visit www.kronobelts.com and you will see the power of each belt and why they are the favourite of the season.