Every man or woman with good style and who appreciates taking care of their aesthetics and the way they choose their outfit knows that a good belt is the accessory that manages to highlight and substantially improve their final look (even if it is not 100% visible). Knowing how to use a belt, beyond being just an accessory that serves to hold up your trousers, is fundamental. Knowing the rules when it comes to wearing it and taking into account certain tips can save you from looking sloppy or untidy. That's why we believe that a good belt is one of the best investments you can make to complement your outfit. 

Polo belts for example have become a must-have for anyone, whether they are a player, a polo fan or simply a lover of tasteful accessories. To get the most out of your polo belt, here are a couple of tips and reasons why it is so important.


1. Aesthetic value

The polo belt in particular is meant to add that touch of elegance and prominence to our look, as it is a piece that stands out easily because of its colours or patterns. A belt is not only used to keep your trousers well fitted, but it has the ability to enhance your personality and add a unique touch.

2. Matches and balances

One of the important factors of the polo belt is that it allows you to match different clothing items, from casual to casual, even sporty when worn to play polo matches. The important thing is that you know how to wear it without falling into excess or in competition with other clothing items.


3. Use of accessories

Polo belts are made of leather, try to complement this accessory with other leather clothing items, such as shoes, a bag or a wallet. Remember, leather + leather = perfection.

4. Success is in the details

These tips, although they may seem exaggerated, will actually give an image of you as a person who pays attention to everything. The holes in the belt should always be odd. This is to leave two holes free on each side and in this way, the central hole is covered and aesthetically better. Remember that, if you fasten your belt in the last holes, it will look like it is too big or if you fasten it in the first holes, it will look like it is too small. No one wants to wear a clothing item that looks borrowed.

5. Don't just have a belt

The importance of wearing a good belt goes hand in hand with the importance of not having the same belt for every occasion. Why? Simply because we don't always dress the same, plus the textures and colours you may wear can vary. Wearing the same belt all the time shows that it is not an important enough accessory for you to make an investment in having several.

There are different types of belts that will serve you for different occasions, there is the black one with a traditional buckle, we have the braided belt, to the ones that have particular buckles or the ones that are made of fabric or the mixture of both, as is the case of the polo belt, which is made of leather and has patterns woven in thread. The styles are also different as there are casual belts and others that are much more formal. It is also important to note that, if you are a lover of polo belts, don't always wear the same one, as it is important that you are not always recognised for wearing the same design.

To dress well it is not necessary to have a wardrobe full of clothing items of all styles, nor is it necessary to suffer thinking about which items to wear for a certain occasion. It's all about choosing the right accessories, timeless pieces that work at any time and we just need to learn how to combine them. The belt will always be one of these accessories and, if it is a polo belt, you will be able to acquire a piece that can accompany you at all times and occasions. Discover this accessory by clicking here.