We have always associated equestrian sports with a great influence on fashion. We can conclude this because the clothes commonly used for riding are timeless and with a special essence, but at the same time comfortable and practical. Their characteristics are vital, as the articles of clothing and accessories used when riding must be designed to protect the body from certain elements of the environment; however, let's be honest, white polo trousers with a perfect fit, knee-high boots and a leather belt are a simple, but undoubtedly tasteful combination.

This outfit works both on and off the field. Whether you've just finished playing the seven chukkas of a game of polo, or you're just visiting the club, you'll always look the part; even if you end up with a bit of dirt, it can be taken as part of the outfit and no one can say anything about it.

While the clothing of equestrian sports has influenced fashion throughout history, in this article we want to highlight the beauty that polo boots possess in essence. In itself, polo boots are a luxury item, which beyond its price, what gives it value is the creation process in which it is involved, the manipulation of the leather and the amount of hours that an artisan must dedicate to polish in detail the skins of cattle, buffalo or the already renowned Cordovan leather.

Polo boots must be tough to protect the player, but flexible to give comfort, and porous to encourage perspiration, thus allowing moisture to be regulated. This combination of factors, which are opposites of each other, is achieved through high quality leather and expert hands that hit the perfect spot in their manufacture. Not to mention the technological and innovative gear, which, although it is an art that dates back hundreds of years, today it is vital to have tools that allow polo boots to be made to measure or with ideal characteristics for everyone.

Recognising these elements as key points, Krono Polo is privileged to have people who have dedicated their lives to the beautiful craft of leather goods, and who find in the manipulation of leather a way of life, through which they create various items and accessories that come to complement and give life to the wardrobe in a starring role.

When we say that polo boots have influenced fashion, we refer to historic moments, such as, back in 1966, when Jackie Kennedy-Onassis graced the cover of Time magazine wearing a pair of riding boots.

It is true that a runway, or an outfit for the cover of a magazine has little or nothing to do with a polo or riding uniform, this is why we want to highlight how an article, such as polo boots, manage to be recognised by different media capturing their attention. This is due to the great manufacturing required to produce high quality polo boots, if we achieve this, this footwear will come to life and shine by itself.

At Krono Polo we don't just focus on making functional polo boots, at Krono we want to go further, and that's why we only use the best Argentinian leathers, leather with dazzling characteristics that are internationally recognised. We also rely on the support of artisans from that southern region for the creation of this footwear, placing full confidence in their expertise, which has been passed down from generation to generation for many years, but transforming that knowledge through the technology and style that is unique at Krono Polo.

Our brand philosophy is to impose ourselves in the global market, for this we have international coverage to any country in the world, ordering through our website there you can find the quality of the boots to which we refer and the various options we offer.

Remember that polo boots are not only polo boots, it is an article for life that tells a story of tradition and elegance.

Written by: Santiago B. Posada

Translated by: Mayra Alejandra V. Ramos