The belt is one of the most versatile and functional accessories when it comes to wearing, as they provide colour, adjustment to the waist or hips; they keep the trousers fixed and can or should be used with suits, dresses, jeans among many other items. It is only necessary to know which one is the right one for each outfit or better yet, to have a belt that allows us to wear it with the largest number of clothing items while maintaining a unique style.

One of the advantages of polo belts is that they have different designs, from the most colourful to the most sober and discreet. Having the right one is a matter of choice and taste, as any belt will completely elevate any outfit. Polo belts have always been synonymous with practicality, good taste, functionality and above all, style.

To know the power of a polo belt, you can try looking in the mirror with your outfit of the day, add a belt and you will instantly see the drastic change that this accessory provides.

Most of the time we ignore wearing a good belt, it may be because we don't give it enough importance, we don't recognise its value or we just stick with the classic leather belt, when there is really a universe of options and varieties to choose from. For example, the polo belt, which comes in different designs and is traditionally made by craftsmen. Every handmade product always adds a story to your outfit. 

Why wear belts?

  • They can make you look formal or casual varying only this accessory.
  • They are pieces created to stand out and help us stand out.
  • They can be worn with trousers, jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, knickers, one-pieces and anything you can think of.
  • They adapt to prints.
  • They can have the effect of elongating your silhouette.
  • There is a huge variety to suit any occasion.

Why choose polo belts?

  • They have captivating features.
  • A good quality polo belt can last a lifetime.
  • Leather always adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to an outfit.
  • It is versatile, you can wear it for a polo match or a night out with friends.
  • Its different colours allow you to combine it with almost any outfit.
  • In summer you can wear warm designs and in winter you can wear woody colours.
  • The polo belt has established itself as a trend that will never go out of fashion.

In Krono Belts you can discover the different models created, there you will see that you can wear them with all the clothing items in your wardrobe, whether it is with a dress at the waist or with skinny jeans.