Using gloves is essential in jobs and sports, specially in those specialties in which using your hands is essential. Reason as to why using gloves in polo is crucial to protect your hands, because with out them it would be impossible to practice this sport. 

Choosing the adequate polo glovesbecomes a very important task which should be made with great responsibility: a glove should fit your hand correctly, give you the maximum protection possible and improve in great measures the experience of using them and playing with them. To know what polo glove you must buy, it is necessary to know your size, this depends on the measurements of our hand, this way which is the correct option for us. 

Today we want to show you a simple guide, to effectively know the size of your Krono Polo, polo gloves, and to purchase them as quick as possible, with the certainty that they will be the correct size for your hand.

The first thing you have to do is: open your hands, join your fingers and separate only your thumb form the rest. The next step, is to use metric tape and measure the circumference to the height of the knuckles (don’t include the thumb).

Once you have done this step you can compare your size in centimetres with the table that will be below, choosing the numbers that fit you the most. Krono Polo also has the option of choosing your genre at the moment of purchase, with the intention of giving you a better fit according to your morphological condition. 

15.5 - 16 (6)XXS
16.5 (6.5)
17 - 19 (7 - 7.5)
20 - 22 (8 - 8.5)
23 - 24 (9 - 9.5)
25 - 27 (10 - 10.5)
27 + (10.5+)

Krono Polo gloves are equipped with material that have a great capacity to absorb water and sweat in rapid way, maintaining a comfortable temperature on the inside of the polo glove, and this way keeping always a real sensation and feeling of the hand at all times. Also, they are designed with double Velcro allowing you a better adjustment on the upper part of the hand, giving directly better control over the mallet.

Once we have found the size, it is important to acquire high quality gloves, elaborated with materials that are resistant, but also with enough flexibility to give your hand the freedom of movement needed when playing polo. Remember, that in polo we do not only manoeuvre the mallet to hit the bocha, but we must also manage the horse and the whip, these are the reasons as to why specialized polo gloves are required.

Wash and care

Krono Polo gloves have shown to be resistant and durable, even after hours of playing polo, however, it is essential that you wash them correctly after each practice, simply by taking them to the washing machine or by hand washing, always using cold water to preserve the properties of the polo gloves, so they will be ready for your next chukka day.

Through the website where you can quickly purchase your polo gloves, the international shipping is done fast and before you know it, you will be receiving them on your doorstep.