Sports clothing items link us to a group, which on many occasions ends up becoming a family or proof that we dedicate part of our lives to practising a sport that we are passionate about and that represents a large part of who we are. This is why the polo shirt or the uniform in general of any sport, has become one of the most important elements when practising a discipline. Let's see now why it is important to personalise sports clothing items:

Identity: The main reason for polo shirts to have a good differentiating element is that it allows polo players to better distinguish not only themselves as a team, but also to distinguish their opponents.

Galloping on a horse does not allow the players to look at the individual's face before making a move, that is where the polo shirt helps us to differentiate between our team members and the opponent. Sportswear makes it easier for us to know what to do to benefit the team. If the polo shirt is well designed, it helps to distinguish the players better on the play field. 

In all team sports, players wear clothing that distinguishes them from other people, whether they are players or not. In polo, for example, distinctive customised shirts are necessary, and at Krono Polo we have set out to create the best polo shirts, using the best materials and the best designs. This benefits not only the players, but also the people watching in person, on TV, coaches and commentators to find out what is happening in the game as well.

Functionality: It is important that the polo shirt meets the needs of the sport. For example, if playing in summer, the polo shirt should repel moisture, prevent bacterial growth and be cool. The purpose of this is to make the polo player feel comfortable at all times so that he/she can keep his/her concentration on the game. But, if we are going to play in winter, for example in St. Moritz, France. The polo shirt should be warm and help to maintain body heat in order to improve performance.

There are also instructions on the sizes and number of logos a team can have on their polo shirt. In addition, in some cases the font and size of numbers and names on a shirt are predetermined by the authorities. At Krono Polo, we always aim for aesthetics and design to be functional, choosing to create shirts that beyond looking good, convey an identity, allow players to be differentiated and maintain a balance with the various mandatory and optional elements that a polo shirt must have.

Motivation: The polo shirt is undoubtedly the clothing item that makes anyone feel part of the team, which is a great responsibility and motivates the players. It gives them a sense of exclusivity and privilege. It makes them feel proud and encourages them to perform better, not only for themselves, but for the whole group. It boosts confidence and willingness to go to extremes and give their best to win.

Image: An old saying goes, "You feel better when you look better."  This also applies to the players. They too have an image in their mind that they wish to portray. The right design must match the team's beliefs and that empowers them. That's why at Krono, a great job is done with the designer to always make the team feel at ease and always feel represented.

When the players of the team feel comfortable and identified with their clothing, they have an additional value for their performance, as it allows them to make a greater identification with their team.

Moreover, in a team sport, such as polo, the team is above each individual and the uniform helps to revitalise that belief. It helps to reduce the prejudices that people may have, which positively affects the team's performance. Because "a team playing as a team" is much better than a group of players playing for themselves. No team match is won alone and everyone's help is always needed.

The polo shirt provides many benefits beyond just covering up. It gives us an identity, a personality and a character; it can make us feel comfortable or not, confident or insecure. The polo shirt makes us look like a team, and thus makes us look stronger. When a brand understands the importance of all these details, it always seeks to design the best shirt using the best materials and the best technique. Find in Krono Polo that ally for every polo game and discover the power of your polo shirt.

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