A polo team shirt is not only your uniform, it is the badge by which you are known in the polo world. When making a team shirt it is important to take several aspects into account: the design, the materials, but above all a consultancy that allows you to channel all your ideas and references, to have as a final result a polo team shirt that becomes everything you had dreamed of.

The polo team shirts represent passion, adrenaline for the game and every time the polo team shirt is waved by the speed over the horses, galloping from side to side on the field, we can only admire and feel from the stands, the passion not only for polo but for the team.

One of the aspects of Krono Polo that stands out is the speed of in-house production and delivery time, which is made internationally no matter how far away you are from the UK, where the company is headquartered.

As a company, we want what happens during the 6 7 minute chucker's to be the biggest opportunity for you as a team to make an impact on your opponents and those who enjoy the game, we want you to stand out not only for your skill with the ball, but for your style and appearance when playing polo.

The best way to put our polo uniforms to the test is on the field of play, that's where you are confronted with the technology that is required in terms of a breathable and hard wearing garment, but also one that fits in with the whole polo lifestyle. In our short two years of being in the market, we have already managed to produce polo team shirts for teams from Dubai, all over the UK, USA, Argentina and Colombia among many other countries; work that we are proud of and where each shirt highlights the identity of the team and becomes a unique sporting piece, which gives 100% satisfaction to both us and our customers.

It may not seem long since we first started creating not only polo team shirts but also polo merchandise in general, but what we have managed to consolidate in this time has been a sign of our tireless work and unique design line, so we have stepped on the accelerometer and every day the distinctive K of our logo flies on polo team shirts, polo helmets and other items that today are valued by great players worldwide.

Our user-friendly design platform allows you to experiment in the creation of your team shirt, of course, with the advice of our team of designers who will help you find the right balance between what you want and what would look perfect for your polo team shirt.

Visit our website and discover all that Krono Polo has to offer.