From the first moment Krono Polo decided to enter the world of polo, it was known that it had to have the best equipment and the best know-how to produce the best equipment to play the sport. It was always known that the best way to differentiate itself as a polo brand was through design and technology. That is why Krono Polo's customised shirts are focused on providing the best experience in terms of sports technology, as well as always being complemented with incredible and original designs.

Krono is always looking for polo teams, players and clubs to be satisfied with the creation of their polo shirts. That is why, at Krono, we advise the teams following the identity that each polo group has to keep it intact, but with an avant-garde touch.

If there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that your design will be unique and original, as Krono Polo, in its brand philosophy, aims to be the main ally of polo players and polo teams, providing confidence, safety and a superior experience of use, so you will not find an equal polo team shirt in the market. 

At Krono Polo they have an ingenious application that allows you to create or visualise the result of the polo team shirt before it is sent to production. You yourself can change the mallet and the polo stick for a paintbrush to become the designer of your own polo shirt and try out the different results, taking into account all the ideas you come up with, so that Krono's team of designers can then intervene and give you the best advice.

For us as a brand it is an honour and a privilege to help create the uniform of the polo teams, it is a delivery of trust that we value and therefore from Krono they are committed to give the best. So far, they have been able to accumulate the experience of working with polo clubs and teams around the world with gratifying results.

Recently Krono created a collection with La Natividad, the fruit of a joint collaboration where they created not only polo shirts but also different pieces ranging from caps to gloves and hoodies, to be worn not only by the players but also by all the fans of La Natividad.

Discover at www.kronopolo.com the option to design your own shirt and test your creativity.