Polo white trousers may cause curiosity to those who do not know much about this sport. Anybody could wonder: why wear a garment that easily gets dirty, to go riding on a horse in the middle of a field where the dirt risen by the horse stomps or the mallet knock ends up messing everything around? The answer is as practical as it is simple: tradition.

Those who really know this sport, are aware that white is a colour that formerly helped to reduce the thermal sensation of sun in summer, the season when most tournaments were played. Although nowadays there are garments in different colours with the technology necessary to keep the polo player cool, the traditional white is still used for official tournaments, looking to preserve the history of one of the most ancient existing sports with few modifications since its origin.

It is easy to know why polo whites are still used – even if it does not make much sense – and the reason is that, honestly, polo players look great on them. Something that seems unimportant but that, in the end, captivates a lot of people, polo lovers or not.

Polo whites are not just about "looking good". Although it is a garment that preserves tradition through its esthetic, some technological improvements have been added to give players an edge. At Krono Polo, for example, the composition of the trousers is made of elastane, a synthetic fiber that enables the trousers to mould to the body but also enhance ease of movement and comfort. In addition, they feature a panel on the inside leg that protects the player from the friction generated by the constant rubbing of the thigh against the horse and the sale.

Their lightweight fabric has an excellent retention of shape and a permanent four-way stretch. The composition of the Krono Polo whites made them breathable and wind and moisture proof. This fabric can withstand playing polo in every weather conditions.

On the other hand, the anatomical shape of their panels minimise bulk and provides a wider range of motion besides of comfort for the polo player. Their shape is designed to let the player sit comfortably at the waist. Among other things, Krono Polo has decided to keep the sophistication of the polo trousers without adding too many elements. The Polo K signature woven patches on the side of the legs is a touch of elegance that does not compete with any other elements of the garment and complements it discreetly.

Krono Polo also customises the polo whites for the teams according to their preferences, but always giving full advice in design, esthetics and technology. Find more information at