As we all know, every natural or synthetic thread must receive a special treatment, whether in terms of washing, drying or storage, among others. Cashmere, as other types of wool, also needs special care. Cashmere is a luxurious material and very comfortable to wear, perfect for cold weather as it has excellent esthetic properties and provides an excellent protection from cold. But it is also, like every natural fabric, very delicate and requires special care. Lack of care could damage or even destroy cashmere without a chance to repair it. 

 First of all, let's talk about cashmere. Its name derives from cashmere goats, which in turn are so called because they inhabit the region of Kashmir, a valley with big and gelid mountains as Everest, located between India, Pakistan and China.

As you can imagine, Kashmir goats should face huge drops in temperature, as they live at one of the coldest places on earth. In order to survive, these goats developed a special wool that kept their body uniformly warm. The outer layer of the goat wool tends to be thicker and rougher, due to the permanent contact with weather, dust and other elements that surround it. However, the inner layer, which is located exactly where the fleece was born, is soft, fine, warm and, besides, of better quality. Is from this place where we get the finest quality cashmere.


Cashmere wool is obtained by combining the undercoat of Kashmir goats. As we said, the inner layer of their hair is soft and dense, this is the fact that allows them to keep warm in temperatures that reach minus 40°C. The cashmere undercoat is obtained at spring and summer months, and receive an artisanal treatment to get the cashmere thread that is the raw material for manufacture hoodies, pashminas among other garments. 


- One of the best tips, that you might not know, is that cashmere keeps its properties when it is aired out. Be sure not to wear your cashmere goods for two days or more in a row, so they have a chance to air out and rest.

- When washing your cashmere, keep in mind that you should not use hot water and the maximum water temperature you can use is 20°. This number guarantees that the garment keeps its shape. If you decide to use a washing machine, you should choose the gentle or delicate cycle or, if possible, the one special for wool. However, it is ideal to do hand washing. Never wring it out with your hands and use a spin cycle with a maximum of 1,000 revolutions per minute.

- In case you find any lumps or bumps in your cashmere garments, don't be alarmed; they usually disappear after the second or third wash. This is usual with new cashmere garments. This does not mean that the wool is of poor quality, it is a normal effect that occurs in natural fabrics. A soft brush, for example, can be used to remove them.

- Do not dry your cashmere sweater in direct sunlight or in the tumble dryer, as this can alter the structure and colour of the garment, creating irreversible changes such as shrinkage, loss of softness and smoothness.

- Cashmere garments, fortunately, do not need ironing to look stunning. We do not recommend ironing any of your cashmere items from Krono Polo.

-Lastly, it is important to say that you should follow the washing instructions on the garment´s label. With this, you can be sure you are following the brand recommendations for the care of your cashmere.

Krono Polo Cashmere Highlights

Cashmere Crewneck £210

Designed in a Deep blue colour and made in Italy, this Krono Polo cashmere crewneck sweater will be for sure one of the season’s favourites for women. Crafted in 100% cashmere.

Cashmere and Silk Polo Shirt £230

This classic and versatile design for men gives different wear options, for both casual or formal occasions. Krono Polo brand has taken this sporty silhouette to another level.

Cashmere Sweatpants £190

Crafted in 100% cashmere and knitted in Italy, these trousers become one of the essentials for your wardrobe this season. Extremely comfortable and versatile, you can wear those trousers during your free time, at home or out with your friends. They will give you an incredible soft feeling and you will not want to stop wearing them.

Krono Polo has only recently launched its first cashmere collection; it has been making a great effort to obtain a raw material of excellent quality and use it in one of the places widely known for its good management worldwide, this place is Italy. From there, all Krono Polo cashmere garments are manufactured and then shipped to all customers worldwide.

Cashmere is undoubtedly the ideal luxury fabric of choice for those who value quality and good taste. It was necessary to create classic and timeless pieces under the distinctive stamp of the Krono Polo brand.

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