Like wine, leather is one of the few things that gets better with time. But there is a condition, and is to know how to take care of it and maximize your leather life. 

Leather is a natural material, as it comes from animal skin, and is treated by tanning, a chemical process which removes hair, fat and anything else that may decompose it. After that, the skin can be dyed or be left in its natural tone, depending on the use. The result is a rot-proof skin that keeps collagen and elasticity. However, as every skin, leather has little pores that should keep hydrated to avoid drying out or cracking.

Here you can find a few tips to keep your leather products stunning over the time:

  1. Do not store your leather purses, bags, wallets or accessories, as our Krono Belts key rings, in wet places. It could appear mold that may stain its surface.

  2. If you want to maintain your polo belts, accessories and polo boots free of wear marks, keep them away from rough surfaces and sharp objects that may cause big damages.

  3. Clean your leather products. We do not recommend water, but you can clean them with a dry or semidry cloth to remove dust and dirt. Avoid excess moisture, you may ruin them. Is best to clean them frequently and don't let accumulate the dirt and dust, as this could affect the colour of your leather articles. 

  4. Keep the leather moisturised. As we said, leather is a skin and we must hydrate it to avoid dry. There are special shampoos for leather to help you in this process. 

  5. Keep your leather away from pens: any scratch could damage it forever, as this can't be removed and will leave an indelible mark.

At Krono Polo our best interest is that you learn how to take care of your leather products so you can get the most out of them.