Cordovan leather is a type of fur commonly used in the manufacture of high-end footwear. Cordovan is the name given to equine leather which is made from the flat fibrous connective tissue underneath the skin on the horse's rump, i.e. the good part comprising the haunches or hips, the pasterns, the upper part of the buttocks and the tail cheeks.

Its name derives from the Spanish city of Córdoba, where it was initially produced by the Visigoths in the VII century and then by the Moors over more centuries. By the end of the XIX century, it was discovered by French and English who increased the production of this leather as it was mainly used to make strips for sharpening razor blades.

Cordovan is an expensive and hard to manufacture leather. It comes from the horse's rump, this is why it is denominated "colt's haunch leather". We obtain shells from it; hence it is called Shell Cordovan. Those are small pieces that are not even the size of a shoe, but are used for the manufacturing of premium-class footwear including tall cane boots as the polo boots.

Besides, the tanning process is different from the one of the cow leather. Unlike bovine and cow skin, Cordovan is tanned with vegetable tannins and it is worked on the fleshing and not on the grain, (The outer surface of the skin, once dehairing is done, is called grain. The inner part is called fleshing or reverse side), so the result is a smooth surface with a certain natural shine typical of this type of leather, which makes it easy to recognise. Those differences, and its own nature, give this skin special features that make it incomparable to others, and for that reason it is considered a luxury fur with an unparalleled quality that provides a folded and wrinkled completely different.

The tradition of tanning Cordovan leather is not common and it is reduced to a few areas in Europe, America and Japan, so it is easy to understand the reason why its production is quite limited and is focused on the production of high-end products, usually with a high price. The increase in demand has turned Cordovan skin into a scarce good, as the current global production is still limited and it is not enough to cover all the demand.

Different from other skins, Cordovan has an extraordinary resistance to rainwater, and its ultimate feature is the almost non-appearance of wrinkles in the folds. This allows goods made in this leather to adapt easily to the user, enhancing fit and quality. 

On the other hand, by being a different skin, its maintenance is almost zero and its care also changes. Cordovan is a skin rich in internal oils, so it is not necessary to apply creams regularly, just sometimes, and they should be specific for this leather. It is recommended to use a damp cloth for cleaning and, if the leather dries out, it can be supplemented with a specific product. Tip: according to leather purists, human saliva is said to be the best product for leather.

Once we understood the greatness of Cordovan Leather and its origin, it is precise to talk about this premium material applied to footwear and, specifically, to polo boots.

Nowadays, Cordovan is valued for its durability and shine, turning conventional products as shoes into premium leather goods. Shell Cordovan has some advantages over traditional cow leather, because its pores are tinier giving it a smoother finish and a more intense shine. However, its benefits go beyond esthetic: its small pores make it less permeable and more water-resistant. It does not mean that water does not affect it, but it is definitely more resistant to bad weather. 

As we know, polo boots are exposed to all types of situations, such as bad weather, friction, mud and bogs, hence a resistant pair of boots are more than necessary. For example, due to the different manouevres over the horse this sport requires, it is normal for wrinkles to appear and, with time, it can cause leather to crack and break. But Cordovan skin tends to "ripple" rather than wrinkle, so it keeps its integrity for a long time and you can wear your polo boots for many more years.

Here we teach you some aspects of wearing Cordovan leather polo boots:

  • Fit becomes your ultimate benefit

As Cordovan leather is rigid and stretches less, keeps its shape better and for longer, which means better fit on the long term. This is vital, as polo boots tend to fatigue from constant use in complex environments.

  • Cordovan leather is exclusive 

Knowing that Shell Cordovan comes from horses, it is something special and only that not everybody has. If you are a person who values genuine and unique goods and you like to be certain that you have garments that few people have or are able to have, Cordovan becomes the best option for you.

  • If your polo boots are new, go slow

As we mention, Cordovan is made from the thickest part of the horse called rump, and tends to "ripple" rather than wrinkle. This makes it more difficult to tame, so you should wear your polo boots during short periods of time. You can walk with them at home or take a spare pair to your practice, or you will get tired easily with them.

  • Sizing

Nobody wants to be wrong about their shoe number, and less when the investment is high. Adaptation to cordovan leather takes time, however, most people agree that is worth because you get a pair of polo boots with a perfect fit. It is important that you follow the instructions properly to know your correct size and that way you choose the better option you can have. (Recommended: Polo boots: how to choose the right size).

Due to the fact that the part of the skin that can be used from the horse is less compared to the one from the cow, the production of polo boots is complex. Besides the limited supply, Cordovan requires an intense tanning process that can last until 6 months and, also, not all tanning rooms have the technology, knowledge and experience required for the production of this kind of leather.  

In the end, own a pair of Cordovan leather polo boots not only means luxury and distinction, it is also a footwear that ideally fits, has a unique patina and an elegant and sophisticated shine. Krono Polo manufacture this boots from its beginnings, seeking to offer boots that last for years and that become a precious treasure for its owner but, above all, that are functional, safe for the player and beautiful to look at.

Krono Polo is a brand that has been known for offering high quality products that are accessible to anyone who loves polo, values good taste and wants to look authentic and full of personality. Remember that making polo boots in Cordovan leather takes time, so be sure to order yours early and they will arrive on your doorstep.

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